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Books and monographs

The Hardy Calculus Library by Diane Davis, Darel Hardy, Fred Richman, Carol
Walker, and Robert Wisner
Hardy Calculus LLC (2008); CD; $115

Calculus: Understanding Its Concepts and Methods by Darel Hardy, Fred Richman, Carol Walker, and Robert Wisner
MacKichan Software, Inc. (2006); ISBN 0-9766806-9-6; CD; $115

Risk and Asset Allocation

by Attilio Meucci
Springer Finance (2005); ISBN 3-540-22213-8; 532 pages (hard cover); $79.95

Dynamiques Non Lineaires Chaotiques En Finance et Economie

by Vialar Thierry
Economica (2005); ISBN 2717849823; EAN 9782717849820

Actuaries' Survival Guide: How to Succeed in One of the Most Desirable Professions

by Fred Szabo
Academic Press (2004); ISBN 0126801460; 268 pages (soft cover)

Differential Equations: an Applied Approach

by J.M. Cushing
Prentice-Hall (2004); ISBN 0-13-044930-X; 402 pages (hard cover); $94.80

Artificial War: Multiagent-Based Simulation of Combat

by Andrew Ilachinski
World Scientific, Inc. (2004); ISBN 9812388346; 784 pages (hard cover); $104.

Probability and Statistics: The Science of Uncertainty

by Michael Evans and Jeffrey Rosenthal
W.H. Freeman and Company (2003); ISBN 0-7167-4742-1; 650 pages (hard cover)

An Interactive Introduction to Mathematical Analysis

by Jonathan Lewin
Cambridge University Press (2003); ISBN 0521815894 (hard cover, with CD-ROM); ISBN 0521017181 (soft cover, with CD-ROM); 528 pages

Mathematics for Liberal Arts, Fourth Edition

by Fred Richman, Carol L. Walker, Robert J. Wisner, and James W. Brewer
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company (2003); ISBN 0-7872-9564-7; 382 pages (soft cover); $25.95

Generalized Thermodynamics

by B.C. Eu
Kluwer (2002); ISBN 1-4020-0788-4; 342 pages (hard cover)

Applied Algebra: Codes, Ciphers and Discrete Algorithms

by Darel W. Hardy and Carol L. Walker
Prentice Hall (2002); ISBN 0-13-067464-8; 420 pages (hard cover); $69.33

A First Course in Fuzzy and Neural Control

by Hung T. Nguyen, Nadipuram R. Prasad, Carol L. Walker, and Elbert A. Walker
Chapman & Hall/CRC (2002); ISBN 1-58488-244-1; 320 pages (hard cover); $99.95

Unmeasured Information and the Methodology of Social Scientific Inquiry

by Donald W. Katzner
Kluwer (2001); ISBN 0-7923-7336-7; 310 pages (hard cover); $151

Control de la interferencia electromagnetica

by Benedetti, Calcoen, Fernandez Rovira, Kloster, Lorenzo, Petrocelli, and Uicich
CDSWEB (CERN) (2000); 400 pages

Stochastic Processes in Epidemiology: HIV/AIDS, Other Infectious Diseases and Computers

by Charles J. Mode and Candace K. Sleeman
World Scientific (2000); ISBN 981-02-4097-X; 768 pages; $161

A First Course in Fuzzy Logic (Second Edition)

by Hung T. Nguyen and Elbert A. Walker
Chapman & Hall/CRC (2000); ISBN 0-8493-1659-6; 373 pages (hard cover); $84.95

Guía para Examen de Admisión

by José Luis Flores Rivas
Imprenta de la Universidad Centroamericana UCA (2000); 100 pages

Linear Algebra: An Introduction Using Mathematica (First Edition)

by Fred E. Szabo
Harcourt/Academic Press (2000); ISBN 0126801355; 650 pages (hardcover)

Precalculus with Scientific Notebook (Second Edition)

by Jonathan Lewin
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company (March 23, 1999); ISBN 0787257982; 314 pages (soft cover)

Modern Vibrations Primer

by Peter M. Moretti
CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida (1999); ISBN 0-8493-2038-0; 440 pages

An Introduction to Non-Life insurance Mathematics, Fourth Edition

by Bjôrn Sundt
Verlag Versicherungswirtschaft (1999); ISBN 3-88487-801-8; 222 pages

Student Solutions Manual for Linear Algebra: An Introduction Using Maple

by Fred Szabo
Harcourt/Academic Press (1999); ISBN 0126801428; hard cover available, paper cover lab manual edition

Time, Ignorance, and Uncertainty in Economic Models

by Donald W. Katzner
University of Michigan Press (1998); ISBN 0-472-10938-3; 486 pages (hard cover); $75

Analysis of Divergence, Control and Management of Divergent Processes

by William O. Bray and C. V. Stanojevic
Birkhauser (1998); ISBN 0817640584; 587 pages (hard cover)

An Introduction to Structured Population Dynamics

by J.M. Cushing
SIAM--Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (1998); ISBN 0898714176; 193 pages

Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

by B.C. Eu
Kluwer (1998); ISBN 0-7923-4980-6; 387 pages (hard cover)

Exploring Mathematics With Scientific Notebook

by Wei-Chi Yang and Jonathan Lewin
Springer-Verlag (1998); ISBN 9813083883; 230 pages (book and CD); $36.95

Applied Regression Analysis, Linear Models, and Related Methods

by John Fox
Sage Publications (1997); ISBN 080394540X; 619 pages (hard cover)

Regression Models for Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables

by J. Scott Long
Sage Publications (1997); ISBN 0803973748; 328 pages (hard cover)

Field and Galois Theory

by Patrick Morandi
Springer-Verlag (1996); ISBN 0-387-94753-1; 283 pages; $52.95

Fundamentals of Uncertainty Calculi with Applications to Fuzzy Inference

by Michel Grabisch, Hung T. Nguyen, and Elbert A. Walker
Kluwer Academic Publishers (1995); ISBN 0-7923-3175-3; 346 pages (hard cover); $274

Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Scientists 1: Complex Analysis, Determinants and Matrices

by K.T. Tang
Springer (2007); ISBN 13 978-3-540-30273-5; 319 pages (hard cover)

Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Scientists 2: Vector Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations and Laplace Transformations

by K.T. Tang
Springer (2007); ISBN 13 978-3-540-44695-8; 339 pages (hard cover)

Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Scientists 3: Fourier Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Variational Methods

by K.T. Tang
Springer (2007); ISBN 13 978-3-540-30268-1; 438 pages (hard cover)

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