Typesetting Documents in Scientific WorkPlace® & Scientific Word®, Third Edition

Cover of Typesetting Documents in
Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word Susan Bagby and George Pearson
248 pages
ISBN: 0-9741652-7-1

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Table of Contents

What's New   ix

1. Tailoring Typesetting to Your Needs   1

   Cautions   1

   Tailoring the Page Layout   2

     Changing the Margins   2

     Changing the Line Spacing   4

     Changing the Font Size of Body Text   5

     Changing the Headers and Footers   5

      Changing the Page Numbering   9

     Creating Multiple Columns   12

     Changing the Page Orientation   13

     Changing to a Different Paper Size   15

   Tailoring the Front and Back Matter   16

     Changing the Title Page   16

     Changing the Table of Contents   18

     Changing the List of Figures   21

     Creating an Unnumbered Manual Bibliography   21

     Creating an Appendix for Each Chapter   22

     Creating Two Separate Indices   23

   Tailoring the Body of the Document   26

     Changing the Appearance of Division Headings   26

     Changing the Appearance of Paragraphs   30

     Changing the Appearance of Numbered Lists   32

     Changing the Appearance of Citations   34

     Underlining and Striking Through Content   35

     Stopping Hyphenation   36

     Working with Footnotes   36

   Tailoring Mathematics   38

     Changing Theorem Numbering   38

     Changing Theorem Formatting   40

     Formatting Mathematical Expressions   41

   Tailoring Graphics and Tables   43

     Formatting Captions   43

     Wrapping Text Around Graphics and Tables   47

     Managing EPS Graphics in DVI Files   49

     Formatting Tables   49

     Creating Landscaped Objects   50

     Managing Floating Objects   52

   Making Additional Typesetting Changes   53

2. Working with Typesetting Specifications and Document Shells   61

   Working with Typesetting Specifications   61

     LaTeX Document Classes   63

     LaTeX Packages   70

     TeX and LaTeX Commands   76

   Working with Document Shells   77

     Choosing a Document Shell   77

     Tailoring a Document to Your Needs   80

     Creating a Document Shell   80

   Working with Documents from Outside Sources   81

   Working with Typesetting Specifications from Outside Sources   82

3. Using LaTeX Packages    89

4. Troubleshooting    177

   Resolving Program Errors   177

     Problems Encountered in Opening and Saving Documents   178

     Problems Encountered During Compilation   181

     General Problems   183

   Resolving LaTeX Errors   184

     Techniques for Solving LaTeX Errors   184

     Common LaTeX Errors   186

     Errors That Halt LaTeX Compilation   187

     Problems That Compromise LaTeX Compilation   192

     Problems Encountered in LaTeX Previewing and Printing   195

   Repairing Damaged Documents   211

Index   215

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