Troubleshooting registration problems

If your MacKichan Software program fails to open with full functionality after you have copied the license file to the Windows clipboard and then started the program, follow these steps:

  1. Open the email message containing the license file.

  2. Select the information between the asterisks and choose Copy from the Edit menu to copy the information to the Windows clipboard.

  3. Use an ASCII editor to open a new document. We recommend Windows Notepad.

  4. From the Edit menu, choose Paste to paste the information from the Windows clipboard into the new file.

  5. Save the file in the Licenses directory of your program installation.
    If you're using Windows Notepad, choose File and then choose Save As, then change the Save As Type option to All files, then save the file as LICENSE.LIC.


    If you're using some other ASCII editor, save the file as LICENSE.LIC.

    Note: Make sure the editor doesn't save the file with a .txt file extension.

  6. Start your MacKichan Software product again.

  7. If you receive an error message:

    • Choose Help and then choose System Features to check that the Computer ID number in the license matches the Computer ID number in the System Features window.

    • Make sure the Licenses folder of your program installation contains a copy of PACKAGES.LIC. If the file is missing, reinstall your MacKichan product to obtain the file.

  8. If the program starts without an error message, choose Help and then choose System Features to check that all functions are available.

  9. If problems persist, please contact Technical Support by email at and include with your message the .lic file and the registerXX.txt file (where XX indicates the version of your product), which is in the main program directory.
    You can also contact Technical Support by telephone at 360-394-6033 ext. 4.

Last revised 11/02/06

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