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Error: Inaccessible Spell Check Database Directory

Version: 3.5x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, & Scientific Notebook


Following the installation of an additional language dictionary, the Spell Check tool can't find the dictionary and displays this error message:

Inaccessible Spell Check Database Directory "XXXXX.clx"

where XXXXX is the name of the dictionary.


The program indicates the dictionary has been installed when in fact it hasn't been.


Delete the Windows registry information for the program and then reinstall the dictionary.

CAUTIONBe extremely careful when making changes to the registry. Incorrect changes to the registry can cause incorrect behavior of your computer. Back up the registry before you attempt to make the suggested changes.

Step 1. Delete the registry information

  1. Exit the program.

  2. Start the registry editor program, regedit. From the Windows Start Menu area you can use the Run item or in the Search area type regedit and choose OK.

  3. If a security dialog appears, accept the exception to continue and open the registry editor program.

    The registry program will appear with two columns. The left column contains the list of registry keys and the right column displays subkeys and data.

  4. Find the key \HKEY_CURRENT_USER and double-click the key name, click the + or > in front of the key name, or right click the key name and use Expand to expand the registry tree.

  5. Find the key \Software and expand the registry tree.

  6. Find the key \MacKichan Software and expand the registry tree.

  7. Find the key for the program you have installed. This will be Scientific Workplace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook.

  8. Click on the key for the program you have installed to select the key.

    Be careful that you have selected the correct key. Not having the correct key selected before the next step can damage your Windows installation.

  9. Right click the key for the program and select Delete from the menu, or press the Delete key. Choose Yes when prompted to verify the deletion.

  10. Close the Registry Editor.

Step 2. Remove spell check installation information

When an additional spell check dictionary is added to your installation, the installation configuration file is updated. The spell check configuration information is then added to the registry when the program is started. The spell check configuration information can be removed either by removing the entire configuration file and then repairing your installation, or by directly editing the configuration file. Follow one of the sets of instructions below, but not both.

Method 1: Deleting the installation configuration file

NoteThis method removes the serial number that appears in the About dialog.

  1. Using Windows Explorer (or some other method), delete the installation configuration file in the program directory. Choose the file for your product:

    • swp-pro.ins for SWP

    • sciword.ins for SW

    • scinoteb.ins for SNB

  2. Use the installation CD and run the setup program. When prompted, select the Repair option.

Method 2: Modify the installation configuration file

NoteThis method requires being familiar with an ASCII editor such as Notepad.

  1. Using an ASCII editor, open the installation configuration file for your product in the program directory:

    • swp-pro.ins for SWP

    • sciword.ins for SW

    • scinoteb.ins for SNB

  2. Locate the spell check installation information in the configuration file. The configuration file consists of group headings listed inside brackets and group items listed below each group heading. Two groups contain the installation information, [Languages] and [SpellChecker]. An example from Version 5.5 is shown below:




    LexFileDesc.0004=Spanish Proximity/Collins Linguibase






  3. Delete the non-American English spell check installation information:

    • In the [Languages] group, delete all the lines except the last two, which begin ProximityDir and INS_PATH1.

    • In the [SpellChecker] group, delete any lines except the one beginning UserDictionary.0001.

Step 3. Reinstall the dictionary

  1. Start the program.

  2. Inside the program, choose Help and then choose System Features.

    The Install Dictionary button should be active.

  3. Click the button.

  4. Insert the program CD into your CD-ROM drive.

  5. Run the InstallD.exe program from the correct directory for your version of the program:

    • For Version 5.5, the \dict55 directory

    • For Version 5.0, the \dict50 directory

    • For Version 4.0, the \dict40 directory

    • For Version 3.5, the \dict35 directory

Last revised 02/06/20

The information in this frame was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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