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Document 420

Message: The document has not been loaded. The program cannot handle certain \def or \newcommand statements in the LaTeX preamble of this document

Version: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word


The program doesn't open a complex document, and displays this message:

The document has not been loaded. SWP cannot handle certain \def or \renewcommand statements in the LaTeX preamble of this document.


The document preamble may contain complex \def and \newcommand statements, which can prevent the program from loading the document.


If you have Version 5.5, you may be able to read the document with the Import Non-SWP/SW LaTeX filter.

Alternatively, if your document preamble contains complex commands, you may be able to read the file if you place the statements in an external file and then input the file from the preamble:

  1. Open the document with an ASCII editor.

  2. Select the preamble statements you want to place in another file, and cut them to the clipboard.

  3. In place of the deleted lines, type \input{filename.tex} where filename is the name of the ASCII file you will create in steps 4–6.

  4. Open a new file with an ASCII editor.

  5. Paste the statements from the clipboard into the file.

  6. Name the file with a .tex extension.

  7. Save the file in an appropriate subdirectory in the TCITeX directory of your installation.

    The file must be in the TCITeX subdirectory or LaTeX won't find it when you try to compile the document.

  8. Try to open and compile the original document in SWP or SW.

Last revised 11/23/09

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