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Document 566

Blue dots appear instead of characters in typeset documents

Version: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word


Documents that use the Times New Roman Italic font, Times New Roman Bold font, and occasionally some other fonts do not typeset correctly. When the document is displayed in the TrueTeX Previewer, characters appear as blue dots.


Some localized versions of Windows rename fonts as part of the localization process. The registry may contain the original font name but the font itself may be renamed. For example, in Spanish Windows, the registry refers to "Times New Roman Italic," but the font itself is named "Times New Roman Cursiva." Similarly, "Times New Roman Bold" is named "Times New Roman Negrita." Unless TrueTeX knows the localized names, it can't find the fonts and displays blue dots instead of the correct characters.

This problem occurs in Spanish Windows and French Windows, and it may occur in other non-US versions of Windows as well.


Follow these steps to create a new font substitution file and add it to the list of files used by the TrueTeX Previewer. These instructions are specific to Spanish Windows, but you can modify them easily for other localized versions of Windows.

  1. For each font that doesn't preview correctly, determine the font name used by the localized version of Windows:

    1. Start the Windows Control Panel and choose the Fonts applet.

    2. In the list of fonts, double-click the font to view the font sample. For example, double-click Times New Roman Italic

    3. At the top of the window, note the font name. This name must be used in the new font substitution file.

    4. Close the font sample.

  2. Create a new font substitution file listing the localized names.

    1. Using an ASCII editor, create new file and type the lines below. Lines that begin with a semicolon are comments and can be omitted. This example illustrates how to rename the Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier New fonts for Spanish Windows.

      ; Additional font substitutions to take care of localized font names (embedded in the font names)


      ;Note: the [fonts] section header is mandatory for TrueTeX to recognize a set of font substitution rules.


      Times New Roman=times

      Times New Roman Negrita=timesbd

      Times New Roman Cursiva=timesi

      Times New Roman Negrita Cursiva=timesbi


      Arial Negrita=arialbd

      Arial Cursiva=ariali

      Arial Negrita Cursiva=arialbi

      Courier New=cour

      Courier New Negrita=courbd

      Courier New Cursiva=couri

      Courier New Negrita Cursiva=courbi

    2. Save the file to the TCITeX\TrueTeX directory of your program installation using an appropriate name, such as SpanishSUBS.ini.

  3. Add the new file to the existing list of font substitution files:

    1. Start the TrueTeX Previewer.

    2. From the Options menu, choose Expert and then choose Font Substitution File(s) to open a dialog listing the current font substitution files.

      The list usually scrolls past the width of the dialog.

    3. Press the End key to move the insertion point to the end of the existing list. Note: The new font substitution file must be added to the end of the existing font substitions.

    4. Type a semicolon followed by the complete path name for the new font substitution file. Assuming your program directory is C:\swp55, you can add SpanishSUBS.ini for this example by typing


    5. Choose OK and then choose Yes to leave the previewer.

The next time you preview the document, you should see the correct characters instead of blue dots.

Downloadable font substitution files

The following font substituiton files for different locales have been compiled:

NoteThe following font substitution files are useful only with the TrueTeX Previewer version included with Version 5.0 Build 2570 and later:

Last revised 02/01/07

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