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Creating PDF files for documents using a non-Roman character set

Version: 4.x & 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

You can write and typeset SWP and SW documents in languages that use a non-Roman character set (such as Japanese or Simplified Chinese) in two ways. You can

  • Typeset PDF documents using XeTeX, an adaptation of TeX that is available with TeX Live, which includes support for many languages. Typeset DVI documents are not available with XeTeX.

  • Create DVI documents using the Lambda system, which is provided with Versions 4.x and 5.x of SWP and SW, and then create a PDF file from the document using Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Because there is no pdfOmega program, creating a PDF file from your Lambda document isn't possible from within SWP or SW (Version 5.x).

Using XeTeX

Shells for using XeTeX to produce documents in Russian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese are available in the most recent builds of SWP and SW and also on this website. The shells include the word 'XeTeX' in the name and contain additional information.

Follow the instructions in Typesetting international documents with XeTeX.

Using Lambda

  1. Create the document in

  2. From the Typeset menu, choose Expert Settings and then choose the DVI Format Settings tab.

  3. In the Select a formatter box, select TeX Live Lambda and choose OK.

  4. From the Typeset menu, choose Preview.

  5. Make sure the non-Roman characters appear correctly in the TrueTeX Previewer.

  6. From the File menu in the TrueTeX Previewer, choose Print.

  7. In the Print dialog, select Acrobat Distiller as the print device.

  8. Choose the default settings for the Distiller:

    1. Choose Properties or Preferences and select the Adobe PDF Settings tab.

    2. Change the Conversion Settings to Press and choose OK.

      This setting automatically embeds all necessary fonts in the PDF file.

    3. Choose Print or OK.

  9. When the Save PDF File As dialog opens, select the directory and filename for the PDF file and then choose Save.

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Last revised 07/09/07

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