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Document 665

Message: Error while writing paragraph xxx

Version: 3.5x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word


While trying to save a file, you receive this message:

Error while writing paragraph xxx. Document was only partially saved.


This message occurs when the program has tried to save a file (often using the Portable LaTeX option) and has encountered something it doesn't understand. The program truncates the document at the indicated paragraph as it is being written to the hard disk.


Several solutions are possible:

  • Although the document has been truncated on the hard disk, the complete file remains in memory, and you may be able to recover it. Don't try to save the file the same way again. Instead, try saving the file to a different document name using a different output filter.

    That is, if you tried to save the document as Portable LaTeX when the error occurred originally, try saving it as a standard SWP or SW document using the SWP/SW/SN Document (*.tex) option. If the program saves the document correctly, no other action is necessary. Examine the document carefully to make sure you haven't lost any information.

  • If saving with a different output filter fails, you may be able to recover the document using a .bak file if automatic backups were in effect when the problem occurred. The backup copy is the next-to-last saved version of the original file. Here's what to do:

    1. After the error has occurred, exit the document without saving it.

    2. Rename the .bak file and give it a .tex file extension.

    3. Make several copies of the renamed file.

    4. Open the renamed file and try to save it.

    5. If the program saves the file without error, check the document carefully to make sure your most recent changes have been saved.

  • If these methods fail, contact our Technical Support staff.

Added 07/28/05

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