MacKichan Software Channel Partner Programs

MacKichan Software, Inc. has always believed in partnerships, and we extend that belief to our product distribution channel. The Company derives a significant percentage of annual revenue through its distribution channel partnerships, which provide excellent opportunities for those interested in working with us to distribute our products internationally. We have established several partnership categories, each with its own requirements and conditions. We work with multiple organizations and individuals in each territory, regularly reviewing results and customer satisfaction.

Authorized Consultants are individuals deemed by MacKichan Software to be experienced in and knowledgeable about our family of products. Based on their individual circumstances, Consultants have varying levels of involvement. Some Consultants present workshops at conferences and assist users while staffing the MacKichan Software booth. Others act as trainers, teaching on-site courses on MacKichan Software product use. Yet others develop custom LaTeX typesetting specifications or assist with lesson and curriculum adaptation. Compensation varies due to the range of services.

Publishers benefit from offering Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook to their authors. When authors use MacKichan Software products, they submit files in topnotch condition. Files often don't require any manipulation, which saves time for the publishing organization. Also, authors are often extremely appreciative of publishers who introduce them to MacKichan Software specialty products. Publishers receive the revenues associated with reselling these high-quality technology solutions.

Resellers carry the MacKichan Software product line as part of a broad product offering. Some have a retail environment; others have a Web presence, mail-order operation, and/or trade show presence. Resellers take orders but are not expected to provide front-line technical support.

Value-Added Resellers carry MacKichan Software products in the context of a narrow product offering, in which they know every product extremely well. Their subject matter expertise and MacKichan Software product knowledge mean they provide their customers with front-line technical support and they are able to derive significant revenues on post-sale services such as training, installation, and in some cases, curriculum and courseware adaptation. VARs generally do regional advertising and participate in our Co-Op Advertising program. MacKichan Software evaluates VAR performance periodically, to ensure an appropriate fit within the Channel Partner program.

MacKichan Software Distributors emulate our high degree of professionalism and customer service in their markets. Distributors are expected to know the MacKichan Software product line intimately; provide front-line technical support as well as support application use; and offer post-sale services such as training, installation, and in some cases, curriculum and courseware adaptation. In addition to selling to end users and institutions, Distributors are also expected to identify, cultivate, and manage Resellers and VARs in their territory on a regular basis. Distributors may participate in our Co-Op Advertising program as well as our bulk goods distribution (BGD) inventory program, which provides operational efficiency in fulfilling customer orders.

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