Features in Version 5.5

Create beautiful, 
      typeset PDF presentations using the Beamer Package with Version 5.5 of 
      Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word.

Support for creating PDF files now combines with support for Beamer so that you can create typeset PDF presentations from your Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word documents. Beamer support provides dynamic transitions and many predefined slide styles to help you create professional-looking presentations, handouts, and transparencies that contain text, mathematics, graphics, and even animations.

Version 5.5 adds the following features to the compatibility, typesetting, and computation capabilities of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook:


You can interact with colleagues more easily and distribute your documents in different formats when you take advantage of new and enhanced export filters in Version 5.


Version 5 provides new typesetting capabilities and many new document shells, some intended for international use.


Complex computational capability makes SWP and SNB indispensable tools.

New Features in Earlier Versions

Learn about new features in earlier versions.

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