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Document 345

Error: Reinstallation of Version 4.x or 5.x fails

Version: 4.x .& 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, Scientific Notebook, & Scientific Viewer


A reinstallation of Version 4.x or 5.x of SWP, SW, SNB, or SV begins normally but freezes and then fails before completion. Cancelling and restarting the installation results in this message:

Component transfer error

Component: Main Program files

File Group: Program File


Error: the system cannot find the path specified

Attempts to uninstall the program also fail.


If the installation fails, both Windows and the setup program may not be able to detect the correct installation status of the program. This may occur because incomplete uninstall information was written or because the Windows registry information for uninstalling the program is invalid. As long as this invalid registry information remains, the setup program detects an existing installation and doesn't allow the new installation to proceed. However, because the uninstall information is incomplete, attempts to uninstall the old installation can't proceed. You can neither install nor uninstall the program.


Follow the instructions below to delete the registry information for the program and delete the incomplete uninstall information. Then, install the program again.

CautionBe extremely careful when making changes to the registry. Incorrect changes to the registry can cause incorrect behavior of your computer. Back up the registry before you attempt to make the suggested changes.

Step 1. Delete the registry information

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Run.

  2. In the Open text box, type regedit and choose OK.

  3. Find the key \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click + to open the registry tree.

  4. Find the key \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall.

    The subkeys under this key indicate the program list displayed when you run the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility.

  5. Choose the subkey for your program:

    Version 5.5:

    SWP: {71ADC302-F323-45A7-AFA4-C55D7B861D30}

    SW: {{324A99E9-E1C8-4B81-8E1D-8494838EB0BE}

    SNB: {E066DE16-50F3-4A8C-953C-E67118894B2F}

    Viewer: {CE644673-D8DA-4C22-A958-CBE3A06C4A8B}

    Version 5.0:

    SWP: {DA6B13CF-A177-42DF-B416-A1EFDD8E7693}

    SW: {37395A9B-AC98-4DBC-83CF-49FDB211742B}

    SNB: {8124E207-3F38-4E7D-8579-28E2A7C31267}

    Viewer: {E79F8DF6-D711-45F4-813E-CD4B3EDD1A00}

    Version 4.1:

    SWP: {9B759B0B--5C81-4A68-B082-EACAA4CDC600}

    SW: {2AA49502-4FEE-41A2-BF61-827CC96E0CFF}

    SNB: {4F19AA9A-8550-4FEE-B028-3D3F5D64D7FB}

    Viewer: {990ECAD1-AEF0-43D1-955A-13036AEF7BA8}

    Version 4.0:

    SWP: {3FDA5DE5-5606-11D5-821A-00104BD1670F}

    SW: {911733E8-6B54-11D5-822B-00104BD1670F}

    SNB: {C4DD4EDE-6758-11D5-8225-00104BD1670F}

    Viewer: {A4D1D71A-6F24-11D5-822C-00104BD1670F}

    The subkey contains uninstall information for the program.

  6. From the list of files, double-click Uninstall String to open the Edit String dialog.

    The Value Data box in the dialog should contain a substring something like this one, which was taken from an SWP installation:

    C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{3FDA5DE5-5606-11D5-821A-00104BD1670F}\Setup.exe.

    The substring indicates the location of the directory containing the file Setup.exe and containing the uninstall information used by the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility.

  7. Carefully write down the name of the directory containing the file Setup.exe.

    In the above example for an SWP installation, the directory is

    C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{3FDA5DE5-5606-11D5-821A-00104BD1670F}

  8. Delete the subkey for your product. For example, if you have SWP Version 4.0, delete {3FDA5DE5-5606-11D5-821A-00104BD1670F}.

    Now the Add/Remove Programs utility has no knowledge of Version 4.x of the program.

  9. Close the Registry Editor.

Step 2. Delete the uninstall information

  1. Using the Windows Explorer, locate the directory containing the uninstall information for the program (identified in step 7 above).

  2. Delete the directory.

Step 3. Reinstall the software

Insert the program CD in your CD drive and follow the instructions on the screen.

Last revised 09/05/05

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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