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Document 347

Page numbers in articles created with a JEEP shell appear incorrectly

Version: 3.5x, 4.0 - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word


In documents created with a JEEP shell, a page number appears on the first page of the article but not on subsequent pages.


JEEP shell documents were included with SWP and SW Version 2.5, omitted from Version 3.0, and included again in Versions 3.5x and 4.0. When the shells were included in Versions 3.5x and 4.0, some of the typesetting information displayed in Version 2.5 was omitted. Further, the JEEP typesetting specifications that are now publicly available have been updated, apparently changing the way page numbers are displayed. Therefore, the behavior of page numbers in JEEP documents created with Versions 3.5x and 4.0 differs from that in Version 2.5.


Change the page numbering behavior for articles created with the JEEP shell using either of these methods:

Method 1

  1. Open an existing document created with the JEEP article shell or create a new one.
  2. From the Typeset menu, choose Preamble.
  3. Click the mouse in the entry box and move the insertion point to the end of the preamble information.
  4. On a new line, type \pagestyle{plain} and choose OK.

Method 2

This method adds additional typesetting instructions to suppress numbering on the first page when a title page is being used.

  1. Open an existing document created with the JEEP article shell or create a new one.
  2. From the Typeset menu, choose Options and Packages and then select the Package Options tab.
  3. Choose Go Native.
  4. In the Packages box, find the line {jeep}.
  5. Replace the line with {sw20jart} and choose OK in each open dialog box to return to the document.

You don't have to make these changes each time you create a JEEP document if you change the JEEP shell or create a new shell with the modifications already in place:

  1. Open a new file using the JEEP shell and modify it according to either method described above.
  2. In Versions 3.5x, from the File menu, choose Save As.


    In Version 4.0, from the File menu, choose Export Document as.

  3. Change Save as type to Shell {*.shl}.
  4. Replace the existing JEEP shell or enter a new file name to create a new shell.
  5. Leave the directory designation unchanged.
  6. Choose OK.

Added 03/08/02

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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