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Document 352

How to display more heading levels in the Navigate toolbar

Version: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, Scientific Notebook

The .cst file for your document determines how many levels of headings are displayed in the Navigate bar in SWP, SW, and SNB. You can increase or decrease the number of heading levels displayed by changing the .cst file.

In Version 4.0 and later

Version 4.0 of the program has a direct interface to the .cst file from the Tag/Appearance dialog. To change the number of heading levels displayed:

  1. From the Tag menu, choose Appearance.
  2. Select Modify Style Defaults.
  3. In the Tag Properties area, choose Global Properties and then choose Modify.
  4. In the area labeled Maximum Heading Level to display in Navigate Toolbar, enter the number of heading levels you want to display and choose OK.
  5. Choose Save to save the setting permanently with the .cst file.
  6. Choose OK.

In Version 3.x

Version 3.x of the program doesn't have a direct interface to the .cst file, but you can change the number of heading levels displayed by using an ASCII editor to change the .cst file:

  1. Open your document in SWP, SW, or SNB.
  2. From the File menu, choose Style.
  3. Note the name of the .cst file being used and then choose OK.
  4. Using an ASCII editor, open the .cst file.
  5. Find the section of the file labeled [Defaults].
  6. Within that section, find a line similar to this one:


  7. Increase or decrease the number to show more or fewer heading levels.
  8. Save and close the file.

Last revised 02/28/06

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