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Document 459

The LaTeX AMS packages

Version: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) publishes three main types of publications: articles, proceedings, and books or monographs. Each has detailed publication format specifications, which are reflected in three AMS shell documents: AMS Journal Article, AMS Proceedings Article, or AMS Book or Monograph. The specifications are supported by AMS-LaTeX, a required component of the standard LaTeX distribution, and by a series of AMS packages. Most of the packages are installed in the amscls and amsmath subdirectories of the TCITeX/TeX/LaTeX directory. The amsfonts package is installed in the TCITeX/TeX/plain directory.


The amscd package defines a CD environment to produce simple rectangular commutative diagrams, such as this:
commutative diagram

The package provides single and double horizontal and vertical arrows, with or without labels. The package doesn't provide diagonal arrows. The notation is easier to use than standard LaTeX code and the results are more attractive. After you add the package to your document, create the diagram inside a CD environment defined in a TeX field in the body of your document. See the commutative diagram chapter in the amsmath User's Guide for more information.


The amsfonts package is a collection of fonts of symbols and characters that aren't always included in standard distributions of TeX, but that correspond to those used in AMS print and online publications and in the MathSci online database. The fonts include Blackboard Bold, Fraktur, the Euler family; certain sizes of Computer Modern mathematics, caps, and small caps fonts; extra mathematical symbols; and Cyrillic. Many SWP and SW document shells automatically call the amsfonts package.

Other than adding the package to your document, no action is required. No options are available for the amsfonts package. Note that the program adds the package if it is needed by features in use in the document. The Portable LaTeX filter always adds the packages amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb, and graphicx.


The amssymb package is a subset of amsfonts that defines the full set of symbol names for two fonts of extra symbols included in the amsfonts collection. The two fonts, msam and msbm, contain symbols, including uppercase Blackboard Bold, needed by the AMS publishing program and MathSci online database. The package requires no special commands in the document, and no options are available. The program adds the package if it is needed by features in use in the document.


This package, which is provided automatically with LaTeX, enhances the typeset appearance of mathematical formulas, especially those involving displayed equations, multiline sub- and superscripts, and other mathematical constructs. The amsmath package is included automatically in most SWP and SW shells. The program adds the package if it is needed by features in use in the document.

The package calls several auxiliary packages as needed:

  • amstext—Allows typesetting of a small amount of text inside mathematics mode and adjusts font sizes for text in sub/superscript locations.

  • amsopn—Allows the declaration of new operator names.

  • amsbsy—Included for backward compatibility only. This package has been superseded by the newer bm package that comes with LaTeX.

In documents created with AMS document shells, you can also use the amsxtra package, which provides miscellaneous seldom-used commands that enhance compatibility with documents created using earlier versions of AMS-TeX.

AMSMath Options

With the Options and Packages command on the Typeset menu, you can set six options for the amsmath package. They affect the placement of limits, equation numbers, and equations themselves. The options you set for this package may override options set for the document class.

Last revised 08/18/05

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