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Document 473

The LaTeX cite package

Version: 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

The cite package sorts numerical citations in ascending order and compresses lists of at least three consecutive numerical citations that occur together in the text. The sorted and compressed citations appear inline by default but can be superscripted.

The package produces inline citations that are preceded by a space, enclosed in brackets, and separated by a comma and a small space. For superscripted citations, the package omits surrounding brackets, ignores spaces that occur before a citation, moves most trailing punctuation in front of the superscript, and suppresses doubled punctuation.

For example, when you typeset using the cite package, a citation of bibliography items 7, 5, 1, and 4 appears like this [1, 4, 5, 7] or like thisMATH and a citation of items 2, 6, 4, 7, and 3 appears like this [2-4, 6, 7] or like this.MATH

How to order and compress citations created with SWP and SW citations

  1. Add the cite package to your document.

  2. If you want superscripted citations:

    1. From the Typeset menu, choose Options and Packages.

    2. Select the cite package from the list of packages in use and choose Modify.

    3. In the Category list, select Superscript citations and, in the Options list, select Yes.

    4. Choose OK to close each dialog box and return to your document.

  3. Create the bibliography list.

  4. Place the insertion point where you want a citation to occur.

  5. Choose citation.wmf or, from the Insert menu, choose Typeset Object and then choose Citation.

  6. In the Key box,

    • Type the keys for the references you want to cite, in any order and separated by a comma.


    1. Select the key for the first reference from the dropdown list.

    2. Select the contents of the Key box and copy the selection to the clipboard.

    3. Select the key for the next reference from the dropdown list.

      Note that because the first key was selected, the new key overwrites the first one.

    4. Press the End key and type a comma.

    5. Paste the contents of the clipboard to the Key box.

    6. Repeat steps b–e until you have entered all the references you want to cite.

  7. Choose OK.

When you typeset your document, LaTeX orders and compresses the list.

In addition to the command to create superscripted citations, many commands are available through the Options and Packages command on the Typeset menu to vary the spacing within a list of citations and in the text immediately surrounding it. Commands are also available to disable sorting and compression.

How to omit the brackets surrounding inline citations

By adding a command to the preamble, you can omit the brackets surrounding inline citations.

  1. From the Typeset menu, choose Preamble.

  2. On a new line at the end of the preamble entries, type \let\cite=\citen.

  3. Choose OK.

The cite package is compatible with these packages, which are also installed in the TCITeX/TeX/LaTeX/contrib/cite directory: drftcite and chapterbib. The cite package now includes the features previously contained in another related package, overcite, which has been superseded.

Last revised 06/29/06

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