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Typesetting international documents

Version: 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Version 5.x of SWP and SW supports typesetting documents in languages that use non-Roman character sets. You can

  • Typeset PDF documents using XeTeX, an adaptation of TeX that is available with TeXLive, which includes support for many languages. Typeset DVI documents are not available with XeTeX.

  • Typeset DVI documents using the Lambda system, which is provided with Version 5.x of SWP and SW. Creating typeset PDF files from such documents isn't possible from within SWP or SW.

The program includes shells for producing documents with both systems in Russian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Follow the general process outlined in the links below to typeset documents in other languages as well, if you're working on a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system.

If you're using a shell that wasn't provided with the program and you need to implement a new language, you must take additional steps; see the online Help for more information.

NoteTo typeset with Lambda, you must save your document with the ASCII (Normal) character set option.

To typeset with XeTeX or Lambda, you must change the TeX formatter settings as follows:

How to change the TeX formatter settings

  1. From the Typeset menu in SWP or SW, choose Expert Settings.

  2. Choose the PDF Format Settings tab and select the TeX Live 2007 XeTeX formatter.


    Choose the DVI Format Settings tab and select the TeX Live Lambda formatter.

  3. Choose OK.

How to typeset in non-Roman languages

Last revised 07/06/07

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