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Document 606

Using the babel package to translate automatic division headings in Style Editor styles

Version: 4.1 & 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

In Style Editor styles, as in most LaTeX typesetting specifications, automatic division headings are created with embedded English-language strings, such as Chapter or Bibliography. When documents are written in a different language, automatically generated strings are not affected and remain in English.

The babel package addresses this issue by substituting language-appropriate strings for embedded English strings so that automatic division headings are typeset in the selected language. The babel package is not compatible with the Lambda system.

In Version 4.1 of Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word, support for the babel package was added to the document class (sebase.cls) for Style Editor styles. In Version 4.1 and later, you can modify Style Editor styles to use babel to substitute for English strings in automatic division headings.

  1. Start the Style Editor and open the style you want to modify.

  2. Choose Parts and then choose Division.

  3. Select a division from the division item list to display information about the division.

  4. Note the information in the Head components box.

    As an example, if you select chapter from the division list, the Head components box might contain this information:

    "Chapter "chapterCount break CurrentHeading

  5. In the Head components box, replace the information in quotes, including the quotation marks, with the appropriate name from the table below:

    Division Babel name
    Preface prefacenameSE
    References refnameSE
    Abstract abstractnameSE
    Bibliography bibnameSE
    Chapter chapternameSE
    Appendix appendixnameSE
    Contents contentsnameSE
    List of Figures listfigurenameSE
    List of Tables listtablenameSE
    Index indexnameSE
    Figure figurenameSE
    Table tablenameSE
    Part partnameSE
    encl. enclnameSE
    cc ccnameSE
    To headtonameSE
    Page pagenameSE
    see seenameSE
    see also alsonameSE
    Proof proofnameSE
    Glossary glossarynameSE

    In the example above, replace "Chapter " by chapternameSE so that the information in the Head components box is as follows:

    chapternameSE space chapterCount break CurrentHeading

  6. Save the style.

  7. Create a new document with the style or open a document created with the style.

  8. Add the babel package to the document and modify the package options to select the language you want.

  9. Choose OK to close the dialogs and return to your document.

  10. Typeset the document to check that the modified string appears correctly.

Last revised 06/12/08

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