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Structure of LaTeX documents

Version: 2.5, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Most LaTeX documents, and LaTeX files created with SWP/SW/SNB, have the following structure:

  • Preamble—A mandatory section at the beginning of the file that names the document class, any required packages, and the required .cls, .clo, and .sty files as specified in the shell (these files may in turn call other files, which are not named in the preamble). The preamble may also contain TeX and LaTeX commands that control specific typesetting behaviors. If you save your file as a program document (using the SWP/SW/SN Document (*.tex) option), the program inserts at the end of the preamble the command \input{tcilatex}, which calls a special set of macros.

  • \begin{document} command—A command that signals the beginning of the document.

  • Front matter—The title and author information, table of contents, abstract, and other document elements that precede the main text of the document.

  • Body of the document

  • Back matter—Any supplementary information such as a bibliography, appendix, or index that follow the main text.

  • \end{document} command—A command that signals the end of the document.

Whenever you open a new document, the program automatically creates a preamble appropriate for the document shell. If you then save your file as a program document, the program inserts the \input{tcilatex} command. The program automatically places \begin{document} and \end{document} commands around the body of your document.

Last revised 06/15/06

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