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Document 128

How to add a new bibliography style for use with BibTeX

Version: 2.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Four standard bibliography styles are provided with SW for use with BibTeX, but you can add additional bibliography styles. A web search for BibTeX Styles will reveal many sources of new styles. The BibTeX style will first have to be copied to the correct directory. Then you can either tell SW how to use the BibTeX style via the SW interface or you can simply insert a TeX field in your document and avoid the SW interface.

Install the BibTeX style

Copy the BibTeX style file (.bst file) to the bibtex directory. Typically, the directory is c:\sw20\bibtex for Scientific Word version 2.0x, c:\swp25\bibtex for Scientific WorkPlace version 2.5, c:\sw25\bibtex for Scientific Word version 2.5, and c:\swpse25\bibtex for the Student Edition of Scientific WorkPlace version 2.5.

Use the BibTeX style via the interface

  1. Using your favorite ASCII editor, modify the SW .ini file so that the new style is listed as one of the choices:

    1. If you have Scientific Word, open sciword.ini.

      If you have Scientific WorkPlace, open swp-pro.ini.

    2. If you have the Student Edition, open swp-se.ini.

    3. Find the line that reads BibTEXstyles=plain,unsrt,alpha,abbrv.

    4. At the end of the line, enter a comma followed by the name of the new style file. DHow - Add a BibTeX Bibliography Style

    5. Save the .ini file.

  2. Restart SW.

The new style should now be one of the choices on the BibTeX list.

Use the BibTeX style without the interface

  1. Move the cursor inside the document to be beginning of an empty paragraph where you want the bibliography to appear in your typeset document.

  2. Select Insert, select Field, select TeX and insert lines similar to:



    in the body of the TeX Field dialog. Replace alpha with the name of the BibTeX style you wish to use, and replace xampl with the name of the BibTeX database you wish to use. If you are using multiple BibTeX databases, separate each database using a comma (and no additional space).

  3. If you do not turn on the Encapsulate check box, the next time you open your document you will see the BibTeX field in your document. You will not be able to use the SW interface to make changes. Instead, delete the field and repeat the steps above.

Revised 05/01/00

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