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Document 149

How to apply a single caption to multiple figures

Version: 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Usually, each figure in a document has its own caption. Sometimes, however, you may want a single caption to apply to more than one figure. You can insert a caption for multiple figures in two ways: using the subfig package or, more directly, using a floating frame as explained here. When you typeset the document, LaTeX positions the caption correctly.

  1. Enter a floating frame:
    1. Place the insertion point where you want the figures to appear.
    2. Insert the table4_3 or Table - (4x3, floating) fragment, which looks like this in Version 5:

      and like this in earlier versions:
    3. Replace the table in the fragment with a new table that contains a cell for each figure to which you want to apply the caption.
  2. Insert the figures:
    1. Place a figure in each cell of the new table.
    2. For each figure:
      1. Select the figure and choose Properties.
      2. Select the Frame or Layout tab.
      3. In the Placement section, choose In Line.
      4. Choose OK.
  3. Create the caption:
    1. Select the gray box marked caption.
    2. In the TeX Field dialog, replace the words Table Caption with the caption you want all the figures to share.
      You can use mathematics in the caption.
    3. Choose OK.
  4. If you want the figures to be labeled as Figure x instead of Table x:
    1. Select the gray button labeled B.
    2. Choose Properties.
    3. Change the contents of the TeX field from \begin{table} \centering to \begin{figure} \centering.
    4. Choose OK.
    5. Select the gray button labeled E.
    6. Choose Properties.
    7. Change the contents of the TeX field from \end{table} to \end{figure}.
    8. Choose OK.
  5. If you want individual captions for each figure in addition to the single caption created in step 3, for each figure:
    1. Select the figure and choose Properties.
    2. Select the Labeling tab.
    3. In the Caption Text box, enter the caption for the selected figure.
    4. Choose OK.
      NoteYou may need to add space or additional table cells before or after the caption to achieve the typeset appearance you want.

Last revised 08/19/05

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