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Document 156

How to change the font size of a Style Editor article style from 10 pt to 12 pt

Version: 2.5 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

With standard LaTeX styles, you can change from a 10-pt style to an 11-pt or 12-pt style simply by selecting the appropriate option. However, Style Editor styles do not accept these options. Instead, you must make changes to the point size using the Style Editor itself.

We recommend that you change the font size of the style in question by first saving the style under a new name (in effect, creating a new Style Editor style), and then changing the point size in the new style. This way, both styles will appear as choices in the File New dialog box.

Once you have opened the Style Editor Article Style and saved it under a new name, you can use the Style Editor to change the new style from 10 pt to 12 pt in one of two ways:

Changing the point size of each element in a Style Editor style

This is the least desirable and most laborious method of changing fonts for Style Editor styles. Also, it may not produce the most consistent results. However, it is the fastest method if you don't already have available a font scheme in the proper font size.

Each element in a Style Editor style is associated with a font size, so to change the font size throughout the style, you must change the font size information for each element. The instructions below show how to change the font size for two elements, Body Text and Theorem Body. You can use a similar approach to change the font size of other elements. Remember to save a copy of the style before you begin.

To change the font size of body text:

  1. From the Style Editor menu bar, choose Base and then choose Body Text Font.

  2. Change the Size box from normalsize to large.

  3. Choose OK.

To change the font size of the theorem body:

  1. Choose Elements, Theorem.

  2. Select Theorem in the list box at the left.

  3. Choose Select in the Body Font box.

  4. Change the Size box from normalsize to large.

  5. Choose OK.

Selecting a different font scheme

  1. Start the Style Editor. If the Style Editor is already running, exit it and restart.

  2. Open the style in which you want to use the font scheme.

  3. From the Advanced menu, choose Font Scheme.

  4. Choose the Select Font Scheme tab.

  5. Select the font scheme you want.

    Note Even if the scheme you want appears to be selected, select it again.

  6. Choose Close.

  7. Save the style.

Remember that we make new font schemes available on our ftp site from time to time

Revised 04/24/96

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