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Document 162

How to modify the swp-pro.ini file so that BibTeX works correctly

Version: 2.5 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

If you have installed SWP or SW to run mostly from the CD/ROM, you may experience problems when you try to create citations for a BibTeX bibliography. This is because the pointers to the drive containing the BibTeX bibliography file are incorrect. You can solve the problem easily by modifying the swp-pro.ini file. Follow these steps:

  1. Close SWP or SW.

  2. Use an ASCII editor (such as Notepad) to open the file called swp-pro.iniin the swp25 directory on your hard drive.

  3. Scroll through the file to find the [Bibliography] section.

  4. Find the line that reads BibTEXdir = drive:\swp25\bibtex where drive is the letter designating the drive to which BibTeX is supposed to point. For installations designed to run mostly from the CD/ROM, the drive letter is probably D.

  5. Change the drive letter to the letter designating the hard drive containing the swp25directory, probably c.

  6. Save the file and exit the ASCII editor.

  7. Check that the swp25\bibtex directory exists.

  8. Move or copy the BibTeX bibliography file that you created into that directory.

  9. Start SWP or SW.

  10. Try to create the citation again.

Now that the pointers are correct, you should be able to create the citation without any problems.

Revised 04/10/96, 06/22/04

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