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Document 170

How to change the Windows setting for virtual memory for the printer

Version: 2.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Sometimes, you can solve printing problems by making sure that the Windows setting for printer memory is the same as the amount of printer memory available for PostScript rendering. Here's how to check the setting in Windows NT and 3.x and reset it if necessary:

  1. Check the available printer memory:

    From a DOS prompt, copy the file testps.txt to the printer port with this command:

    copy testps.txt port where port is the name of the port to the PostScript printer.

    Your printer prints a test page that tells you, among other information, the optimum memory setting for the particular printer.

  2. Change the virtual memory setting for the printer:

    1. Return to Windows.

    2. Open the Control Panel, then click the Printers icon.

    3. When the Print Manager window opens, choose the printer for which you want to change the setting.

    4. From the Printer menu, choose Properties.

    5. Click the Setup.

    6. .In the Printer Memory section, change the setting to reflect the optimum memory for the printer.

    7. Choose OK repeatedly to save the settings and return to the Program Manager.

Revised 04/17/96

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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