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Document 176

How to specify a different title for a page header

Version: 2.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

The appearance of the headers and footers in your SW document is defined by the document style you select. At times, you may want insert a TeX \pagestyle command in the preamble of your document to change the appearance of the header or footer of a given page from the appearance specified by the style. The myheadings option for the \pagestyle command prints a page without a footer and with the page number and a title that you specify in the header. These instructions explain how to specify the title.

Note The myheadings option is not available in all SW styles.

In addition to adding the \pagestyle command to the preamble of your document, you must add a TeX field containing one of these two TeX commands to your document:

  • \markright{right-head} places the same header on both even- and odd-numbered pages.

  • \markboth{left_head}{right_head} places different headers on even- and odd-numbered pages, assuming the document style recognizes differences between even- and odd-numbered pages

The {left_head} and {right_head} entries can contain one of these items:

  • \chaptermark–the current chapter title

  • \sectionmark–the current section title

  • text–exactly what is typed within the curly braces (You will need LaTeX for special characters.)

With the text option, you can change the header anywhere in the document just by inserting another \markright or \markboth command.

If you put the \markright or \markboth command in the preamble of your document, following the \pagestyle command, the title you specify will be used in headers throughout the document. The command may override any changes that you specify in TeX fields in the body of the document.

If you put the \markright or \markboth command in a TeX field at the beginning of your document, the title you specify will be used in headings until TeX encounters another \markright or \markboth command.

To specify a different title, follow these instructions:

  1. From the File menu, choose Document Info and then choose the Preamble tab.

  2. In the entry area, type the \pagestyle command with the myheadings option.

  3. If you want the title command to affect the entire document, type the \markright or \markboth command, then choose OK to return to your document.

  4. If you want the title to affect a certain part of the document, choose OK to return to the document, then:

    1. Place the insertion point where you want the command to take effect.

    2. From the Insert menu, choose Field and then choose TeX.

    3. Type the \markright or \markboth command.

    4. Choose OK.

Added 08/14/96

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