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Document 177

How to place mathematics in section headings

Version: 2.5 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Depending on the style you're using, placing mathematics in section headings can cause problems when you try to compile your document with LaTeX. In certain circumstances, LaTeX doesn't allow mathematics in section headings. However, you may be able to use the \protect command to place mathematical symbols and characters in section headings.

Note The \protect command won't help with complex mathematical constructs such as matrices, tables, binomials and many other fractions. We suggest that you leave those kinds of constructs in the body of your document and create section headings that don't contain complex mathematics.

To use the \protect command to enter mathematical symbols or characters in a section heading:

  1. Type the character or symbol you want to appear in the heading.

  2. Copy the character or symbol to the clipboard.

  3. Place the insertion point in the heading where you want mathematics to appear.

  4. Start mathematics.

  5. From the Insert menu, choose Fieldand then choose TeX.

  6. In the entry box, type {\protect}.

  7. Place the insertion point to the left of the }.

  8. Copy the mathematics from the clipboard.

  9. Remove the $ on either side of the copied mathematics.

  10. Choose OK.

Added 07/31/96

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.