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Document 192

How to use the current date in a document

Version: 2.5 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Having the current date inserted automatically into your SW document is convenient. However, the way you specify the date differs depending upon whether your document uses a Style Editor style or not.

If you're using a non-Style Editor style, you can insert the TeX command \today anywhere in your document that you want the current date to appear. For example, the statement The date is \today inserts the current date in your document at the point the statement appears.

If you're using a Style Editor style, however, the \today command doesn't work. Instead, you must use the built-in name Today in a component list, like this:

  1. Open the Style Editor.

  2. Open the style to which you want to add the current date.

  3. From the Elements menu, choose Display Element.

  4. In the item list, click the display element associated with the date.

  5. Place the insertion point in the display element component list.

  6. Type Today.

  7. From the Parts menu, choose Shell File.

  8. Remove from the edit field the document variable associated with the date.

  9. Choose OK.

  10. Save the style.

Added 06/19/96

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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