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Document 62

Graphics defaults

Version: 2.5, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Q. Are there any advantages to changing the global settings defaults for graphics?

A. The program contains two global settings defaults for graphics, the Maximum Graphics Memory Usage setting and the Maximum Inactive Graphics setting. You can change both of the defaults from the Graphics tab in the User Setup dialog box.

The Maximum Graphics Memory Usage setting limits the amount of the computer's memory that can be occupied by graphics in open SW documents. The setting applies to all graphics including plots that you've created and any graphics that you import or paste into your documents from the clipboard. In Version 5.x, the default setting is 32,000 kB. In earlier versions, it is 1000 kB. If you increase the number, you will increase the speed at which graphics can be loaded, but you will also increase the amount of memory used by the program.

The Maximum Inactive Graphics setting limits the number of inactive graphics maintained in memory. Inactive graphics are the metafiles for graphics that have been in use in the current session but which have been deleted and are no longer referenced on the screen or in any open document. The graphics may be plots that you've created or graphics that you've imported or pasted from the clipboard.

When the number of inactive graphics exceed the Maximum Inactive Graphics setting, the program deletes the inactive graphics from memory. The default setting is 20. The files are also deleted from memory when you close the program.

If you increase the setting, you will increase the amount of memory used by the program, but also the chances that you can retrieve your metafile from memory if you decide you want it after all. If you decrease the setting, you will reduce the amount of memory used by the program.

Last revised 02/21/06

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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