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Version: 2.5 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Tip: When you want to place comments in square brackets at the start of bulleted items, insert a zero space before the opening bracket. Otherwise, LaTeX creates a marginal note from your comment.

Tip: To make your documents more portable, use standard 8-character names with 3-character extensions.

Tip: Avoid footnotes in headings.

Footnotes in headings can cause problems when LaTeX builds the table of contents, running headers and running footers for your document. In particular, you might find the same footnote appearing on every page of your document. If you must put a footnote in a heading, follow the technique described here.

Tip: If body verbatim doesn't work in your document, make sure the verbatim text is not enclosed in a macro parameter.

Tip: In SW version 2.5, autosaved files have the file extension .aut, not .tex. If you're trying to find an autosaved file, remember to look for a file with the correct extension.

Tip: Have your build number ready when you request technical support.

We continue to improve our products all the time, and subtle changes occur from build to build within the same version of the software. It's possible for a given technical problem to occur in one build but be solved in the next. Knowing which build you have will help our Technical Support staff pinpoint the solution to your problem. To find the build number of your SW system, choose About SW from the SW Help menu. The second line in the About SW window gives the version number and the build number of your system.

Tip: If you upgrade your Windows 3.x system to Windows 95, we recommend you then reinstall SW.

Tip: If the SW fonts don't seem to be working just right on your Windows 3.1 system, reinstall them.

Windows keeps track of a maximum of 150 fonts at any one time. Version 2.5 of Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word uses 120 fonts. If you install additional fonts or software that uses additional fonts, some fonts may be lost. To recover the SW fonts, reinstall them.

Tip: If the SW fonts don't look quite right when you preview or print a document on your Windows NT 3.51 system, reinstall winsrv.dll.

Service Pack Three, distributed with Windows NT 3.51, isn't compatible with some fonts. Replace the file winsrv.dll with either winsrv.dll from Service Pack Two or winsrv.dll from the original installation disks.

Tip: Whenever you add words to your user dictionary, make a copy of it for safekeeping.

The user dictionary, named enguser.clm, is in the SW installation directory or, for a network or CD installation, in the local SW installation directory. Adding words to your user dictionary is easy, either from the SW main window or during a spelling check. Whenever you tailor the user dictionary to your needs, however, remember to make a copy of it. It's important to back up files like these as well as your documents.

Tip: If you use the A4 paper size, preview your documents accurately by setting the previewer for the A4 paper size.

Added 05/29/96

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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