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Document 225

Typeset/Preview causes a DVIGDI32.EXE application error or never-ending hourglass

Version: 3.0 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word


When you attempt to preview a document with TrueTeX (that is, with the Typeset/Preview command), a DVIGDI32.EXE application error occurs or the cursor changes to an hourglass and the Previewer does not start.


First, make sure that you are the most recent version of the TrueTeX Previewer. If you are using SW build 1069 then you must update download and install the patch update for the TrueTeX previewer. If you have SW build 1079, then you already have the updated version.

Second, update to the newest version of dcsubs.ini.

If the above action doesn't work, then the problem is probably associated with having too many fonts installed. There are two approaches to trying to solve the problem. One approach is to reduce the number of fonts installed; the other is to restrict the number of fonts that the TrueTeX Previewer looks for. There's no preference in trying one method over the other, so use the method that you are more comfortable with. Unfortunately there is not a clear solution to the problem, or even a clear cause for the problem.

Approach One. Reduce the number of Windows fonts to below 255 installed fonts

Going through these steps, even though there's no clear reason why, has worked:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, go to the Windows Fonts subdirectory.

  2. Create a new temporary subdirectory directory in a convenient location (perhaps called FontsTemp directly below the Windows directory).

  3. Move a group of fonts from the Fonts directory into the temporary directory. You will have to use your own judgement as to which fonts to move. You should avoid moving the standard Windows fonts like Arial, Courier, Symbol, Times New Roman, and variations of those fonts. Try moving enough fonts so you have fewer than 255 files in the Fonts directory.

    Note You can move one font at a time or many as necessary at once. To select and move more than one font at a time, press the Shift or Ctrl key when you select a file. Release the Shift or Ctrl key before dragging files to the temporary directory.

  4. After the fonts have been moved, try starting the TrueTeX Previewer and see if it starts working.

  5. Move fonts from the temporary directory back into the Windows Fonts directory.

  6. You may need to reboot your computer.

Approach Two. Reduce the number of fonts visible to the TrueTeX Previewer

  1. Edit c:\sw30\TCITeX\TrueTeX\truetex.ini. Find a line in the [DVI-GDI] group similar to this (the line in this illustration has been wrapped for easier viewing in a web browser):


    Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts;



    The line consists of four parts: 1) a pointer to WIN.INI, 2) a pointer to the registry, 3) and 4) pointers to font substitution files.

  2. Make a copy of the line.

  3. Place a semicolon (;) in front of the original line.

  4. In the second line, move the font substitution file entries to the beginning. This will create a line something like this (this line has been wrapped for easier viewing):




    Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts;

  5. Be sure to add a semicolon (;) to separate the parts.

  6. Save truetex.ini and try starting the TrueTeX Previewer.

  7. If the Previewer still fails to start, try changing the line by deleting the pointers to WIN.INI and the registry. The resulting line will be similar to this one (this line has been wrapped for easier viewing):



    The path information (shown in these illustrations as c:\swp30) may be different depending on your program directory

A side effect of making the above change is that font substitutions may not be done using Windows fonts. This will matter if you are using the times style option or using a typeset style that is based on a Times font (most of the Style Editor styles use Times). If you preview a document and see blue characters, it is probably caused by the missing font substitution.

Revised 03/10/00, 05/01/02

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