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Document 228

Multilingual LaTeX vs. Standard LaTeX

Version: 3.0, 3.5 & 3.51 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

When you install the SWP/SW 3.0, you have a choice of installing standard LaTeX support or multilingual LaTeX support.

Important We recommend that you ALWAYS choose Multilingual Support when you install.

Standard LaTeX Support

Installing Standard LaTeX Support loads these elements:

  • The cm (Computer Modern) fonts.

  • latex.fmt, a LaTeX format file. The format file—a special binary file that contains the LaTeX macro set precompiled for rapid loading—transforms the TeX formatter into a LaTeX formatter at run time.

The standard LaTeX option installs a very standard version of LaTeX. It's limited to U.S. English hyphenation and can't be used to print certain foreign language characters. It runs a bit faster and uses fewer fonts than the multilingual support option.

Multilingual Support

Installing Multilingual Support loads these elements:

  • The cm (Computer Modern) fonts

  • latex.fmt, the LaTeX format file.

  • The TeX DC fonts, text-only fonts that add extra characters for non-English use.

  • latex_ml.fmt, a format file that is precompiled for the DC fonts and that contains a the U.S. English hyphenation patterns as well as hyphenation patterns for British English, German, French and Dutch. To customize for a particular language, especially one that is not already supported in latex_ml.fmt, create a new format file that includes the hyphenation patterns of your choice.

Important We recommend that you ALWAYS choose Multilingual Support when you install.

If you need the cm/latex.fmt combination at a later time, you can choose it from the Format Settings tab sheet in the Expert Settings dialog box, available from the Typeset menu. The settings for the TrueTeX formatter are maintained separately from the settings for SWP/SW. If you use the TrueTeX formatter independently of SWP/SW, you must also make separate settings for the formatter. The Help files have more information about changing to the cm/latex.fmt combination.

Revised 03/09/00, 05/01/02

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