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Win95 Multilanguage Support vs. Multilingual LaTeX

Version: 3.0 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Windows 95 Multilanguage Support is entirely different from the Multilingual LaTeX installation option for SWP/SW 3.0.

Windows 95 Multilanguage Support provides larger Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier New fonts. These fonts contain the ligatures ( for example, fi, fl, and ffi) needed for the times package. Because the program accommodates these fonts in different ways, it doesn't need this support. However, the TrueTeX previewer does need the support, because it uses Unicode exclusively.

In other words, if you are a Windows 95 user and you want to use the times and mathtime packages and also want to be able to preview your typeset document, you must have Windows 95 Multilanguage Support. Without it, ligatures won't appear properly when you preview or print. For example, words like first, flow, and difficult will be missing the fi, fl, and ffi, respectively.

The installation program checks the size of the times.ttf font when you install. If you have the small version of this font, you'll receive a warning near the end of the installation.

If you install Windows 95 Multilanguage support, then uninstall it, the larger fonts will still be present. You can save some space by first installing, then uninstalling, Multilanguage support.

You can find multilanguage support on your Microsoft Win95 CD, or you use your web browser to open Windows 95 Utilities - Multilanguage Support on the Microsoft web site. See the file lang.exe, under the accessories listing.

Once you have multilanguage support, you must install it on your system.

You can also find out more about Windows 95 at the Microsoft Windows Family Home Page.

Revised 05/02/02

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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