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Document 246

Maple plots cause a program crash

Version: 3.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Notebook


When documents containing Maple plots are previewed or printed from the File menu, the program sometimes crashes. The same documents can be previewed or printed in SWP from the Typeset menu without any problems.


Some print drivers are not compatible with Maple plotting routines. Specifically, Maple makes a request to the print driver but the printer driver returns an invalid result. This can happen with out-of-date Windows print drivers, and also with some current print drivers.


Try these solutions to solve the problem:

  • Update the driver for your printer. See the web site of your printer manufacturer.

  • Change the settings for your print driver. The user of an Epson Stylus Printer reported that he fixed the problem by going to Printer Properties, Color Management and changing the option to manual. There was no indication as to why this might work, but it did.

  • Try using a compatible but different print driver. For example, if you are using an HP LaserJet 6p, you can install and use the print driver for HP LaserJet III and avoid the problem.

  • Replace the plots with graphics images of the plots. This is the most reliable way to avoid the problem. Follow these steps:

  1. Save your document and make a note of the directory where you saved it.

  2. Revise your Maple plot (place the insertion point to the immediate right of the plot and, from the Edit menu, choose Properties.

  3. Choose the View tab and then choose Generate Snapshot.

  4. Make a note of the name given to the snapshot (it will have a .wmf extension) and choose Cancel to close the dialog.

  5. With the insertion point to the right of the Maple plot, choose File and then choose Import Picture.

  6. Set the Files of type to Windows Metafile (*.wmf).

  7. Select the snapshot generated in step 3.

  8. When you have verified that the snapshot is the same as the Maple plot, delete the Maple plot, leaving the snapshot. You may need to adjust the graphics properties to match what was used by the plot.

Last revised 02/22/06

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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