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Document 259

Using Version 2.5 Style Editor styles in Version 3.0

Version: 2.5 & 3.0 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Most styles that were created with the Version 2.5 Style Editor, can be edited and used successfully in Version 3.0.

Editing the style

  1. Find your 2.5 style (stylename.sty) in the subdirectory called \tex\macros\styledit in your SWP25 directory.

  2. As a safety precaution, make a copy of the style.

  3. Open the Version 3.0 Style Editor.

  4. Choose Browse and then select the \tex\macros\styledit\ subdirectory in your SWP25 directory.

  5. From the list of styles, select the desired style.

  6. From the File menu, choose Save As and then:

    1. Choose Browse to set the path for the new style to SWP30\TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\styledit\. You can also change the style name if you want to.

    2. If necessary, update the description and document type.

    3. Check the box next to Write .cst file.

    4. Check the box next to Write .shl file. Change the name of the shell file if you want to.

    5. Choose OK to save the style.

Using the style

  1. If SW30 or SWP30 is already open, exit and reopen it.

  2. From the File menu, choose New.

  3. In the Shell Directories list, choose Style Editor.

  4. Select the shell file for your style from the list on the right and choose OK.

  5. Make sure the new document is using the style you created:

    1. From the Typeset menu, choose Options and Packages.

    2. Choose Packages.

      Your style should be listed as one of the packages in use.

Importing to Version 3.0 a Version 2.5 document that you created with the style

  1. As a safety precaution, back up the document.

  2. Create a new document in Version 3.0 using the shell for the desired style.

  3. From the File menu, choose Import Contents.

  4. Choose the Version 2.5 document you want to import, and then choose Open. Version 3.0 imports your document.

    Note If your Version 2.5 document contained front matter, you must reenter it or import it manually. Some front matter fields may import as TeX fields at the first of the Version 3.0 document. You can delete these fields if you don't want them.

Revised 05/03/02, 09/19/03

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