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Patch update 2321 for Version 4.0

Version: 4.0 - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, & Scientific Notebook

Note This patch update has been superseded by a patch update for Version 4.1.

We are currently shipping build 2321 of Version 4.0 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook. If you have build 2312 of Version 4.0 currently installed, you can download a patch update file (approximately 1 MB for each product). The update includes those changes in the program since its release.

Step One. Check the version of SWP/SW/SNB you're using.

Start your copy of the program. From the Help menu, choose About and note the version and build numbers.

If you currently have build 2312 of Version 4.0, you can use the patch update. If you have Version 3.5 or earlier, you must purchase an update to Version 4.0.

Step Two. Download and install the update.

If you have build 2312 or higher, you can download the patch update file. Note that the complete self-extracting installation file for build 2321 is also available for downloading (24.5 MB for SNB; 51.5 MB for SWP).

Note These files are no longer available for download. They have been superseded by a patch update for Version 4.1.

Product Patch Update File Size Full Install File Size
Scientific WorkPlace swp2312to2321.exe 1,034,012 swp-pro400.exe 51,491,400
Scientific Word sw2312to2321.exe 1,027,075 sciword400.exe 41,840,930
Scientific Notebook sn2312to2321.exe 646,007 scinoteb400.exe 24,535,001

If you have sufficient disk space, you may want to make a copy of your current program directory before you apply the patch update. If the update should fail for some reason, you may need to reinstall from the original program CD or download the full self-extracting installation file.

Note The new version uses new registry information, so if you have made custom settings, such as new automatic substitutions or toolbar configurations, they will be lost when you install the update. When you run the program for the first time after installing the update, the program window will be similar to the first time you ran the program after the original installation.

To update your current version of SWP, SW, or SNB:

  1. Download the appropriate file to your local hard drive.

  2. When the download is complete, close your current version of SWP, SW, or SNB.

  3. Run the downloaded program and follow the screen prompts.

  4. Start the program.

  5. From the Help menu, choose About, and check that the build number is 2321.

There is no change to the licensing, so your current license information will be used. You do not have to re-register.

Changes included in build 2321

Changes have occurred in the program since the release of Version 4.0 (build 2312). The list below briefly describes those changes that have been included in the patch update (build 2321). Some descriptions use technical and internal terms and may not completely describe the change. Note that not all changes apply to all products; for example, changes to the Style Editor do not apply to SNB. The list is presented in no particular order.

  • Increased the amount of toolbar information that is preserved with Save/User Preferences.

  • Fixed links in ../common/svwelcome.tex to point to rather than../help.

  • Updated to a new version of Sassafras in KeyServer and turned it on

  • Corrected the input filter's handling of \genfrac to enter matched braces into the destination.

  • Updated the files Help/computing/dm10-1.tex, Help/computing/dm3-1.tex, and Help/computing/dm3-3.tex to detail some MuPAD differences with respect to complex solutions.

  • In the order program, changed the URL to

  • Updated REVTeX 4.shl to remove "Test Version" in two places.

  • Updated sw20utah.sty to fix a Table of Contents bug. Updated Similar to University of Utah.shl to use a different title for the first two chapters to be consistent with other shells.

  • Fixed a problem dealing with nested bold and italics in some.cst files.

  • Changed the Citation Font Face to Arial in some.cst files.

  • Added the recognition of \lambdabar to the input filter.

  • Made various improvements to the MathML output, including Big Operators and Fences.

  • Updated the file secalcul.sty.

  • Changed the default graphic placement to "displayed" for SNB and the Viewer.

  • Added shell and cst files for the Journal of Sound and Vibration.shl.

  • Updated cite.sty, drftcite.sty, and overcite.sty from CTAN.

  • Fixed the definition of \QTR#1#2 in tcilatex.tex so that it works with macros.

  • Fixed a bug in tcilatex.tex that involved an offsetting problem in the typesetting of inline graphics when the Babel package is used.

  • Made various improvements to the MathML output, in particular the LaTeX environments "cases", "split", "gathered", and "aligned". These environments were previously included with "eqnarray" and are now be treated separately.

  • Added Bigl and Bigr to the IsQTO list so they are recognized as gray boxes.

  • Removed the word "Maple" from the information string in the Open Location dialog.

  • In the online help documents, removed references to the Insert/Field menu in citations.tex; corrected typographical errors in creatingmathematics.tex, keyboard_shortcuts.tex, and texformatter.tex; corrected a shortcut from Ctrl+s to Ctrl+g in greek.tex; corrected documentation for creating a LaTeX format file in help document truetexformats.tex; and fixed a bug in index.tex that caused duplicate entries in the Help/Search dialog.

  • Updated the LaTeX package float.sty.

  • In the Portable LaTeX filter, fixed problems that wrote \documentclass in a comment and wrote the \pacs macro multiple times in the file.

  • Removed references to the Insert/Field menu for help documents dm1-1.tex, dm5-4.tex, dm7-7.tex, ebchap03.tex, and ebrefalgo.tex.

  • Corrected a typographical error in SW sample document amslatextest.tex.

  • Changed swugbk.sty and swughelp.sty so that elements such as "Chapter" are localizable.

  • Changed the definition of \dint, \diint, and \diiint in tcilatex.tex to use \mathop, similar to the other displayed operators. This has side effect of scoping the displaystyle switch to the operator.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the user dictionary entry in the registry is missing.

  • Added QTO support for \bmod, \mod, and \pod.

  • Made a merging change in 3.51 to allow people to switch to the first language DLL.

  • Updated the LaTeX format files on CD_Extras/TrueTexFormatFiles.

  • Removed duplicate entries for PARAGRAPH_INDENT_LEFT in the [proof] section in the.cst file LaTeX Book.cst.

  • Fixed a crash in tcispech.dll when no graphics filters are installed.

  • Fixed a problem dealing with undo text tags across a paragraph boundary.

  • Fixed bug on the Graphics page of the User Setup dialog so that the default units are not always inches.

  • Fixed a bug in the Tag Appearance code so that the caption font size doesn't spill out of the caption and into the main text.

  • Fixed a crash after Delete, Undo, Delete across environments.

  • Allowed for the 11.5pt font scheme in Style Editor styles.

  • Fixed a bug in the Find dialog so that the Find Next button is set as the default button when the search data are changed.

  • Fixed a bug dealing with the renaming of a graphic to a name already in use.

  • Fixed a bug in the units in the Rules dialog.

  • Fixed bug in the edit box in the Change Display Name subdialog of the Tag Appearance dialog.

  • On the CD, updated site license administrator instructions dealing with how to set up and install a floating license.

  • Fixed a bug in the Font subdialogs of Tag Appearance dealing with typing in a point size not on the provided list.

  • Fixed bug in Tag Appearance dialog so that the Save button is properly enabled.

  • Updated TrueTeX4.5, fixing a problem that excluded multilingual support from the LaTeX format file latex_ml.fmt.

  • Updated sebase.cls and selbk.sty. Made additional changes to make running headers and similar elements localizable.

  • Made a sweep of the.cst files, removing duplicate entries within a section. Also fixed or removed various bogus entries such as font weighs set to 0.

Added 03/05/02; revised 05/01/02

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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