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Document 628

Patch update 2606 for Version 5

Version: 5 - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, & Scientific Notebook

We have released build 2606 of Version 5 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook. The document applies only to the English language version of the products. Read about the German patch update 2606.

You can download a patch update file for build 2606 if you currently have installed

  • Build 2552, Build 2557, or Build 2570 of Version 5.0

The patch update for build 2606 includes changes in the program that have occurred since the release of Version 5.0 (build 2552).

Important notes

  • The patch update files are different for different builds. Please be sure you download the correct patch update file for your installation.

Please read all the instructions before you begin the update.

Step One. Check the version of SWP/SW/SNB you're using.

  1. Start your copy of the program.

  2. From the Help menu, choose About and note the version and build numbers.

    • If you currently have build 2552, 2557, or 2570 of Version 5, you can use this patch update.

    • If you have an earlier version, you must purchase an upgrade to Version 5.

Step Two. Download and install the patch update.

The patch update files are different for different builds. Please be sure you download the correct patch update file for your installation.

If you prefer, you can download the complete self-extracting installation file for build 2606 (62.3 MB for SWP; 56.8 MB for SW; 24.7 MB for SNB; 11.7 MB for SV).

If you have sufficient disk space, you may want to make a copy of your current program directory before you apply the patch update. If the update should fail for some reason, you may need to reinstall from the original program CD or download the full self-extracting installation file. In most cases, the patch update preserves user preferences, such as new automatic substitutions and toolbar configurations.

To download and install the patch update:

  1. Choose the appropriate file from the table following these instructions and download it to your local hard drive.

  2. When the download is complete, close your current version of SWP, SW, or SNB.

  3. Run the downloaded program and follow the screen prompts.

  4. Start the program.

  5. From the Help menu, choose About, and check that the build number is 2606.

    If the build number is not 2606, follow the instructions below for downloading and installing the full version of the release.

If you have Download patch update
Scientific WorkPlace
V5 build 2552, 2557, or 2570 swp50tob2606.exe — 14.6 MB
Scientific Word
V5 build 2552, 2557, or 2570 sw50tob2606.exe — 14.6 MB
Scientific Notebook
V5 build 2552, 2557, or 2570 sn50tob2606.exe — 2.65 MB

To download and install the full version of this release:

  1. Uninstall the program:

    1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Control Panel.

    2. Choose Add/Remove Programs.

    3. Select the program name.

    4. Choose Change/Remove.

    5. From the Welcome dialog, choose Remove and then choose Next.

    6. If the ReadOnly File Detected dialog displays, check Don't display this message again and choose Yes.

    7. Follow the screen prompts for the remainder of the uninstall process.

    8. Restart your computer.

  2. Choose the appropriate file from the table following these instructions and download it to your local hard drive.

  3. Run the downloaded program and follow the screen prompts to install the program.

    If you use the same directory from which you uninstalled the program in step 1, you can skip the registration process.

  4. Restart your computer.

  5. Start the program.

  6. From the Help menu, choose About, and check that the build number is 2606.

  7. From the Help menu, choose System Features. and check that all functions are listed as available.

Product Download full install file
Scientific WorkPlace swp-pro500.exe — 62.3 MB
Scientific Word sciword500.exe — 56.8 MB
Scientific Notebook scinoteb500.exe — 24.7 MB
Scientific Viewer sviewer500.exe — 11.7 MB

Changes included in build 2606

This patch update contains the following changes, which have occurred in the program since the release of Version 5 (build 2552). Some descriptions use technical and internal terms and may not completely describe the change. Note that not all changes apply to all products; for example, changes to the Style Editor do not apply to SNB. The list is presented in no particular order.

Changes since build 2570

  • Updated TrueTeX with TeXLive2003 and the latest version of LaTeX.

  • Updated the version of PDF-XChange.

  • Made these changes to shells:

    • Changed Knowledgebase Article.shl Deleted extra comments and \input{tcilatex}. Added a list of function keys defined by the screen style. Some rearrangement and addition of text in the body of the shell

    • Changed Linda Gilbert Book.shl to add some text to explain how to restore chapter numbering in the appendix (the typesetting specification file sw20gilb.sty turns it off).

    • Changed Elsevier Preprint.shl, adding some text to the shell to explain how to suppress a footer that normally appears on the first typeset page (that's appropriate only when submitting to Elsevier).

    • Updated Springer-Verlag shells.

    • Updated Korean Article.shl.

    • Fixed a typo in various shell files.

    • Updated various shell files and cst files.

    • Changed Standard LaTeX Article (hyperref).shl to add an appendix with instructions on adding \let\chapter\undefined so the hyperlinks to the appendix will be correct.

  • Made these changes to typesetting specifications:

    • Updated Northwestern University thesis style (nuthesis.cls).

    • Added LSU thesis style and support files.

    • Updated University of Georgia thesis style and related documents.

    • Added University of Pittsburgh style support.

    • Added support for the Astronomy & Astrophysics style.

    • Updated Style Editor Harvard styles, LSU thesis style and sebook1 style.

    • Updated the World Scientific styles.

    • Added support for the American Astronomical Society style aastex.cls

  • Updated these packages from CTAN:

    • acronym

    • cite and overcite

    • fanchhdr

    • footmisc

    • caption

    • hyperref

    • APA styles

    • colortbl

    • url

    • placeins

    • lineno

    • University of Washington Thesis style (uwthesis.cls)

  • Added support to run Japanese or other localized versions of BibTeX and MakeIndex. This support is independent of TrueTeX command handling.

  • Fixed a bug in which subdocuments did not know if the master document selected BibTeX.

  • Fixed a bug in the output filter that incorrectly mapped Fourier transform symbol.

  • Fixed a code bug in the Order program that ended some #define macros in ';'.

  • Added Multibyte glyph counter to the Spell Check process.

  • Changed the order program so that the email address and include file are displayed as read-only in the final dialog when registering by email is active. This lets you highlight and copy the contents.

  • Fixed a bug in which some input types didn't handle \U . Changed the code so that when rendering "VALUE", it is converted to multibyte.

  • Fixed bugs in the RTF export dealing with

    • conversion of multibyte to Unicode. For example, multibyte alias in the cst file were not being scripted properly.

    • theorem exporting

    • footnotes

    • the export of horizontal spacing objects

    • the export if \underline

    • non-ASCII characters in the name of graphics.

  • Modified the BibTeX style file chicago.bst.

  • Fixed a bug in the Tag Appearance dialog that caused the Modify button not to do anything after an unsuccessful (or aborted) Save or Save-As operation.

  • Fixed a bug in the TeXButton code dealing with localized data.

  • Fixed the failure to render a plot when plotting the contents of a display.

  • Fixed a bug in which HTML export used absolute filepaths for displayed math graphics.

  • Fixed some buggy behavior dealing with plots which already have read-only snapshot files.

  • Repairs to the "Modify Graphics Sets" subdialog of the graphics export settings dialog.

  • Changed the utility batch file runpdflatex.bat to run pdftex using pdflatex.exe instead of pdftex.exe.

  • In, stats::BPCorr was renamed to stats::correlation.

  • Updated help files as necessary.

  • Fixed a typo in the wording in a dialog in the installation. Fixed bugs in which circle and quad integrals didn't work with computation.

  • Changed the Style Editor style fsbook.sty to add equation numbers to displayed equations (when used in the document).

  • Changed SWUGBK.STY to add a tag called Code and a tag called LatexCommand to differentiate commands from file/directory names ( Both were unfortunately using the same tag, File/Dir.). Also changed the Instruction paragraph environment so the left indent is -18pt, changed bullet list and added the GrayBox environment.

  • Changed SWUGBK.cst, making UserInput bold and adding the Code tag.

  • Changed SEBASE.CLS to fix a bug with allowtext in exceptional pages.

  • Changed the rtf2latex2e preference file to turn on the flags ignoreTextStyle and ignoreSpacing.

  • Made a .cst file sweep, adjusting the screen appearance of thebibliography and changing some aliases for tagged runs.

  • Changed some cst files, namely 40 LaTeX Book, 40 proc and 40 LaTeX Report.

  • Modified OptionsPackagesLaTeX.tex to change to AMS Packages section and add information about some directories in the SWmisc tree.

  • Changed classes.pkg to remove some old packages from the list of available packages.

  • Changed MathML export:

    • Fixed a bug in the translation of \fbox{}

    • Added code to script spacing around mod.

    • Fixed a bug in which (^{2}a)" would produce a crash; and add "‖" to fence delimiter; had "\\" before.

    • Fixed the function that inserts &ApplyFunction. Mathname in front of a matrix in parentheses is no longer assumed to be a function.

    • Treated "\backslash" like "\setminus".

    • Added code to mark f^{\prime} as a function.

    • Fixed a bug in handling of trigargs as in "\ln xdx".

    • Added translation for \limfunc{lcm}, \gcd{}, etc.

    • Added translation of "30^{\circ }" to 30 unit degrees.

    • Changed handling of "!" in "x!y".

    • Added code to help resolve cases in which \limfunc{} is used in SWP help files when \func{} is more appropriate.

    • Added handling for grad, div, curl.

  • Changed Style Editor to use the current color information.

  • Changed classes.opt to remove the Babel options from the documentclass list of available options.

  • Changed selbk.sty. Equation, Table, and Figure counters should reset at the beginning of a new chapter (so they will number like 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, etc.).

  • Fixed a computation bug dealing with hat accent on comma!

  • Changed classes.pkg, adding algorithm and algorithmic as available packages for the sebase documentclass.

  • Changed the defaults for the dummy PDF formatter option "pdfTeX" to "MiKTeX pdfTeX" with default settings that work after changing only the location of the .exe file.

  • Made the package options dialog bigger.

  • Fixed a bug in the old output filter in which \\ were not protected in tables when needed.

  • Added code to the input filter to map \@ to a TeXButton.

  • Fixed a bug in the portable output filter in which extra captions were added to a table.

  • Fixed a bug in the portable output filter in which the option ptb was repeated in the figure environment.

  • Fixed a bug in the MathType export dealing with consecutive \vspace.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when toolbars are floated.

  • Added protect to certain Unicode characters scripted in TCIMACRO statements.

  • Fine tuned the conversion of wmf to pdf dealing with font embedding.

  • Fixed a bug in the Styles options dialog in which comments were added to the data.

  • Changed tcilatex.tex to fix a problem with TCITag.

  • Fixed a bug in the exambuilder in which the submit button was not localizable.

  • Fixed a bug in the exambuilder where the MuPAD freeform grader failed when given an empty string to grade.

  • Fixed bugs in the HTML export in which line breaks were added incorrectly after \ and an empty abstract was not exported correctly.

  • Redid the handling of TeX auxiliary files during the preview compile process.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred if the program failed to create an .aaa file.

  • Fixed a bug in which the program failed to start for a restricted user on XP. The program tried to write the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE part of the registry.

  • Fixed a problem in the portable output filter dealing with nested TCIMACROS.

  • Fixed a bug in the old output filter where saving for both DVI and PDF failed on subdocuments.

  • Added code to make TeX auxiliary files writable when possible.

  • Fixed a bug in the input filter in which accented characters were mishandled when the accent and character were on different lines.

  • Fixed a code bug in a utility function.

  • Fixed a bug causing an HTML export for all graphics whose size was given in centimeters.

  • Added support for the LaTeX environments flushleft and flushright.

  • Changed reload document message process.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when copying plots.

  • Made various fragments encapsulated TeX fields instead of \QTOs. This prevents the empty group from getting separated from the macro.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to render text in a text tag that had been deleted in Tag Appearance.

  • Changes to fix bugs involving "numbered key iterators" in IniFiler.

  • Removed .tif files from the list of graphics left unchanged in PDF export.

  • Changed the default GrfxResizeThreshhold value from .005 to .075. This prevents most of the undesired resizing of graphics.

  • In the installation program remove \t from resource strings.

  • Implemented a fix for bolding too many symbols in math.

  • Added text to Help Document Version 5.shl to say the shell is not suitable for use with the portable filter.

  • Added MSIExportFileDlg to be used when exporting. In particular when exporting to .rap. Code was added to deal with the fact that the export may overwrite a currently open document.

  • Added the sample file PackageSample-rotating.tex.

  • Changed adding entries for cmb12,5,6,7,8,9 and cmbsy12,5,6,7,8,9.

  • Made the unit name dialog bigger.

  • Made various parameters for PDF graphics generation Registry-settable. This includes the list of allowable graphics output extensions, some choice about the font embedding scheme, and control of the compression setting.

  • Partial fix for some EPS graphics generation problems. The change here is to delete extra generated .emf and .eps files

Changes since build 2557

  • Fixed a bug in the portable LaTeX filter to prevent discard of \begin{filecontents}...\end{filecontents}.

  • Changed the description of the germanb Babel Language option in typeset/classes.opt.

  • In the Academic Press Journals and Academic Press Journals - Modified shells, fixed a hyperlink that prevented compilation of the unmodified shells.

  • Added a section to the Book - User's Guide shell to demonstrate the gray background available for typesetting.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented typing.

  • Changed the MathML scripting, fixed triargs, changed the translation of \unit{} to produce a <mi>, and changed handling of {123,456}.

  • Worked on the minidump code to generate unique crash dump file names and a dialog asking the user to email the minidump file to us.

  • Added dbghelp.dll to the installation.

  • Changed the typical installation of Scientific Notebook to include installation of the reference library.

  • Added a warning message to the order program if the serial number is mismatched.

  • Added the revsymb package to the sample file OptionsPackagesLaTeX.tex

  • Fixed crashes that occurred when pasting more than 0xffff bytes of data and when revising the package or class options.

  • Updated dvigdi32.exe to contain a workaround for the problem of using the times package on some non-English systems.

  • Fixed a bug in the RTF export that caused every second graphic in a sequence of consecutive graphics to be omitted from the export.

  • Fixed an infrequent crash on exit that occurred when a document contained plots.

  • Fixed a screen redraw problem which could occur in a document full of graphics.

  • Changed Standard LaTeX Article (hyperref).shl to add a sample bibliography with citations and a marker with cross-references to the marker. Also added some text to the body of the shell that explains how to add a command to the document preamble so hyperlinks are displayed in PDF as colored text instead of text surrounded by colored boxes.

  • Changed so that math mode cursor shape can be obtained from the resources, via the inifiler setting MathModeMouseCursor. The default behavior to use the StandardCursor IDC_ARROW has not been changed. Two alternative math cursors are available.

  • Standardized quotation tag names in shells and .cst files. Changed "Long Quote" to "Long Quotation" to have a better correspondence with the LaTeX quotation environment.

  • Updated various style and document class files from CTAN including bibentry, refman, chapterbib.sty, fancyhdr.sty, ifacmtg.cls, natbib.sty, refrep.cls, hyperref.sty, sectsty, showlabels.sty, spie.cls, and supertabular.sty.

  • Changed the name of the shell file Help Document Version 3.5x and 4.x to Help Document Ver 3.5 and 4

  • Updated the files Knowledgebase.cst, LambdaSWP.tex, and.the sample files BibTeXBibliographyStyles.tex and PackageSample-nomencl.tex.

  • Updated the shell and cst files Jonathan Lewin Campus Communication.shl, jonathan-analysis-style.cst, jonathan-campus-style.cst and jonathan-on-screen-style.cst.

  • Fixed a bug in the installation that prevented the installation of the fragment subdirectories with SNB and SW.

  • Changed the utility program 2multibyte to add the ability to force the driver option to the graphicx package. This could be used when the DVI file is going to be processed by dvipdfmx.

  • Updated the "Mohawk" cst files.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Greek math symbols (\alpha ...) were not copied to the clipboard as UNICODE.

  • Added support for the production of "mini-dump" files when a crash occurs, to allow for the recreation of the call stack at the time of the crash.

  • Removed duplicate tags from the cst files.

  • Fixed a typo in the installation program.

  • Worked with the Mohawk cst files to add the [bs] sections and change the alias for Large to Big.

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of \usepackages in which the program assumed that {} could not be nested in the optional parameter to \usepackage.

  • Fixed a bug in the tag appearance dialog that prevented remembering the default math font style.

  • Fixed a bug that caused an occasional crash that occurred during simple typing.

  • Fixed a bug in the installation program in which outdated information could be left in the ins file when overwriting an old installation.

  • Fixed bugs in the scripting of HTML/XHTMLthat scripted "\textquotedbl" as "\" (it is now scripted as ") and scripted "\underline" incorrectly.

  • Added support for \filecontents* to the input filter.

  • Fixed a bug in input filter in the handling of \renewcommand.

  • Added support to the RTF export for ^, _ ~.

  • Fixed a bug in the tag appearance dialog dealing with a bad caption for child dialogs when editing properties of Note type tags.

  • Fixed a crash in the Style Editor which occurred when OK was clicked after browsing to a directory that does not contain a Style Editor style.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving user preferences into a directory that contains a $ in the directory name.

  • Fixed a bug in which the current options to a package were not set in the dialog to modify these options.

  • Updated help and manual files.

Changes since build 2552 (included in build 2557)

  • Corrected miscellaneous small errors in the manuals. For details, see a list of documentation errata.

  • Corrected wording in Jonathan Lewin Campus Communication.shl.

  • Corrected problems in TCISpech.dll when using LeadTools so that TCISpech.dll uses LeadTools when possible and added the ability for TCISpech.dll to choose between competing ini file entries for graphics.

  • Standardized quotation tag names in shells and .cst files. Changed "Block Quotation" to "Long Quote".

  • Corrected the generation of tcispech.ini so that -- is inserted instead of ---.

  • Corrected wording in an installation dialog.

  • Added shell and cst files for Elsevier CRC styles and updated the Elsevier style files espcrc1.sty and espcrc2.sty..

  • Fixed a computation bug that prevented "Solve ODE" for more than three functions.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented plotting a function such as y(t) but allowed plotting of y.

  • Changed color specifications in cst files.

  • Modified the script for installing new versions over existing versions.

  • Updated miscellaneous help files.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented LeadTools from exporting JPG files because of uppercase extensions.

  • Fixed a bug in the order program that excluded the version from the license file when the user registered by phone.

  • Fixed a bug in the XHTML export that exported the notes document associated with a document with the wrong extension.

  • Fixed a bug in the HTML/XHTML export that caused the notes document not to use the css file exported with its associated document.

  • Added information about revsymb and eurosym packages to OptionsPackagesLaTeX.tex.

  • Changed so that PCD files are exported using AccuSoft instead of LeadTools, avoiding a crash in the LeadTOols PCD filter.

  • Changed the default value of GfxPDFExportFromFile to 0.

Last revised 06/29/06

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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