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Summer 2002

Announcements, ideas, technical information, and other items of interest for users of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, Scientific Notebook, and MuPAD Pro.

In this issue

Patch update for Version 4.1

We are currently shipping build 2345 of Version 4.1 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook.

We recommend that you upgrade to the very latest version of your favorite MacKichan Software product.

Online store open for business

You can order MacKichan Software products faster and more conveniently than ever. At our secure online store at, you can order software, books, and 30-day trial versions 24 hours a day.

MuPAD Pro 2.5 announced

SciFace has announced the release of Version 2.5 of MuPAD Pro, the open computer algebra system. MuPAD is a full-fledged computer algebra system with a rich set of features and extensive mathematics capabilities for symbolic and numeric computation. Version 2.5 features these enhancements:

MuPAD in the news

The March issue of Desktop Engineering includes a review of MuPAD Pro. The MuPAD "kernel" is one of the two available computational engines built into Version 4 of Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook. MacKichan Software is a worldwide distributor of MuPAD Pro. The review is available from our website.

Improved website

We hope you've noticed our revamped website. We've added lots of information about our products and our company and we've simplified navigation so you can find that information faster. Please take a look at the new Send your comments about the site to

New typesetting manual

Just one of the many items you can order from the online store is Typesetting Documents with Scientific WorkPlace® & Scientific Word® Version 4.0, a new manual provided with Version 4.0 of Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word. Written in response to user requests, the manual presents basic and advanced information about typesetting documents with LaTeX in Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word. Much of the information also pertains to earlier releases of the software. The manual explains how to choose an appropriate document shell and how to tailor the shell to meet your typesetting requirements. Descriptions of many useful LaTeX packages are included along with an explanation of how to add packages obtained from outside sources.

More technical support

We've added some of the information in Typesetting Documents with Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word to our website, along with more answers to questions asked frequently by our users. These topics and many others have been added to our website:

Be sure to see what else is new in the MacKichan Software knowledgebase.

Upcoming conferences

Here's a list of conferences at which we expect to exhibit our products in the coming months. If you're planning to attend, please be sure to drop by our booth. We'd love to see you. See our web site for more information about these conferences.

Western Economic Association Seattle, WA June 29–July 3, 2002
SIAM Philadelphia, PA July 8–12, 2002
MathFest Burlington, VT August 1–3, 2002
American Association of Physics Teachers Boise, ID August 3–7, 2002
Joint Statistical Meetings New York City, NY August 12–14, 2002
International Congress of Mathematicians Beijing, China August 20–28, 2002
NCTM Regional Englewood, CO October 4–5, 2002
NW Math Conference Portland, OR October 10–12, 2002
ICTCM Orlando, FL October 31–November 3, 2002
AMATYC Phoenix, AZ November 14–17, 2002

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