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Fall 2002

Announcements, ideas, technical information, and other items of interest for users of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, Scientific Notebook, and MuPAD Pro.

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New patch update for Version 4.1

We have released build 2347 of Version 4.1 of SWP, SW, and SNB. The patch update represents bug fixes in the Version 4.0 release, but includes no new features. You can download a free patch update file for build 2347 if you currently have installed either Build 2345 of Version 4.1 or Build 2312 or 2321 of Version 4.0 (reregistration is necessary after installing the patch update from Version 4.0 to 4.1).

If you're currently using Version 3.5 or earlier, please visit our online store to upgrade your software. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of your favorite MacKichan Software product.

Important licensing changes for Version 4.1

Concurrent with Version 4.1, we've made a one-time change to our licensing procedure to incorporate an encryption upgrade for our licensing program, FlexLM. As a consequence, Version 4.1 licenses are incompatible with previous versions of the software. This means that a Version 4.1 license will not enable a Version 4.0 or Version 3.5 copy of our software. This also means that users must re-register their software when they upgrade to Version 4.1. We regret this inconvenience.

If you're currently running Version 4.0 with a fixed license, you can obtain Version 4.1 at no cost by downloading our patch update file. After you install the new version, you must re-register your software using your Version 4.0 serial number. We will then send you a 4.1 license.

If you're currently running Version 4.0 under a floating license, your system administrator must update the version of FlexLM installed on your server before you can use any Version 4.1 build. FlexLM Version 8.1 comes with our Version 4.1 CD, but is not available by download. For information about installing a new version of FlexLM and obtaining an updated license file, please have your system administrators contact technical support by email or by telephone at (360) 394-6033 or (877) 724-9673.

German and Japanese localizations of MacKichan Software products

We have worked with Additive, our German distributor, and Lightstone, our Japanese distributor, to localize SWP, SW, and SNB. The translation of our software products includes the help files, menu commands, dialogs, and tooltips. A translation of Getting Started accompanies both the German and Japanese localized products. Japanese translations of Doing Mathematics, Creating Documents, and Typesetting Documents are also available.

For more information or to purchase a localized product, please visit Additive's website for the German translation and Lightstone's website for the Japanese translation.

Teaching applied algebra with SNB

If you're familiar with Doing Calculus with Scientific Notebook, you'll be pleased to know that authors Carol Walker and Darel Hardy have published a new applied algebra textbook. Applied Algebra: Codes, Ciphers, and Discrete Algorithms, now available, is intended for junior- and senior-level courses in abstract algebra and cryptography in departments of mathematics and computer science. The book includes topics in number theory, cryptology, and the theory of finite fields. It also includes chapters on error correcting codes and the Rijndael algorithm. Applied Algebra provides hints for using Maple, MuPAD, and Scientific Notebook to solve the problems and exercises presented, with the goal of better understanding the ideas developed in the book.

Learn more about publications developed with our products on our website. And if you've written a book using one of our products, please let us know.

Expand computational power with user-defined MuPAD procedures

You can expand the computational power available to you in SWP or SNB by defining procedures with MuPAD 2.0 and using them in your Version 4.x installation. And if you aren't inclined to write your own procedures and programs, you can easily make use of MuPAD procedures developed by others. A new article explains the process.

If you have a MuPAD procedure you'd like to share with other users, please send us email.

Display MathML with MathPlayer

MathML—Mathematical Markup Language—provides meaningful mathematics, just as HTML provides meaningful text. In Version 4.x of SWP, SW, and SNB, you can automatically encode mathematics in MathML when you export your document to HTML. Although MathML is developing rapidly, support for it is developing more slowly. Current browsers are unlikely to display a formula that has been marked up with MathML. But new plug-in viewers allow many browsers to display MathML. Follow the instructions on our website to try one of the viewers, MathPlayer, from Design Science.

Tips from our users

One of our customers offers this timesaver: Spaces in file names are allowed in Windows but cause problems with TeX. (See our web article "Long file names and TeX.") Here's how to bypass the problem: In Windows, add a shortcut in My Documents that goes to a directory whose name contains no spaces. (From your Windows 2000 desktop, open My Documents. From the File menu, choose New, then choose Shortcut, and follow the instructions on the screen.) Then, you'll be able to save your documents to this new directory and avoid having any spaces in the document path name.

Do you have a tip to share? Send us email.

New technical support topics

We've enhanced the technical information on our website with answers to questions asked frequently by our users. Be sure to read this new information:

Upcoming conferences

Here's a list of conferences at which we will exhibit our products in the coming months. If you're planning to attend, please drop by our booth. We'd love to see you.

Northwest Mathematics Conference Portland, OR October 10—12, 2002
International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Orlando, FL October 31—November 3, 2002
The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges Conference Phoenix, AZ November 14—17, 2002
Allied Social Science Association Annual Meeting Washington D.C. January 3—5, 2003
Joint Mathematics Meeting Baltimore, MD January 15—18, 2003

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