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Winter 2002

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New location for MacKichan Software

MacKichan Software has moved from our Bainbridge Island offices to larger offices in Poulsbo, Washington. Here's how to reach us now:

Address: 19689 7th Avenue NE, Suite 183 #238
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Phone number:
Fax number:

Our email addresses remain the same. This new office site doubles our shipping and storage space, and will allow us to serve your better.

When we moved our offices, our DNS changed, but an out-of-date DNS host record remained on Network Solutions' server. We apologize for any difficulties you may have experienced while trying to access our website at during this time. We have now updated the record and expect no further problems. The host names used for online licensing and email did not experience any problems and have functioned correctly since the move.

Maintaining links to .tex files in HTML

You can easily maintain the link structure you've created for your .tex documents when you export them to HTML. If you have a web of .tex documents that link to one another, changing a single setting in your documents converts the .tex extension in your links to an .htm extension. Read more.

MacKichan Exchange

MacKichan Software maintains a single location for unmoderated online discussions using conferencing software from WebBoard. You can customize your use of the message areas, using only the Web interface, receiving email notifications that new messages have been posted, or using only email to read and post messages. If you only want to view messages, you can log in as a guest. If you also want to post messages, you must complete a simple registration with WebBoard.

Visit the forums at Tips from our users: How to draw grids

If you need blank grids for your course materials, you can use the Plot 2D Rectangular feature in Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Notebook to plot a grid. Then, you can save the grid as a fragment that you can import to any document. Instructions for creating blank grids are on our website and in the Help files.

User John Gresham from Ranger College in Texas has provided two blank grids that you can download as fragments for use in Version 3.5, 4.0, and 4.1 installations:

  1. Navigate to and click the right mouse button on the grid5.frg file or the grid10.frg file.
  2. If you're using Internet Explorer 6.0, choose Save Target As. In Netscape, choose Save Link Target As or Save As or Save Link As, depending on the version.
  3. Save the file in the Frags directory of your program installation.

Do you have a tip to share? Send us email.

Typesetting information on the website

The information in Typesetting Documents with Scientific WorkPlace® & Scientific Word® Version 4.0, a new manual with Version 4.0, is now available in the Technical Support section of our website. The information includes basic and advanced information about typesetting documents with LaTeX in Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word. Much of the information also pertains to earlier releases of the software. Topics include how to choose an appropriate document shell and how to tailor the shell to meet your typesetting requirements. Additional topics describe LaTeX packages included with the software and explain how to add typesetting specifications obtained from outside sources.

New technical support topics

We've added to the technical information on our website with answers to questions asked frequently by our users. Be sure to read this new information:

German and Japanese localizations of MacKichan Software products

We have worked with Additive, our German distributor, and Lightstone, our Japanese distributor, to localize Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook. For more information or to purchase a localized product, please visit Additive's website for the German translation and Lightstone's website for the Japanese translation.

From the MacKichan Software ftp site, you can download patch update files for the German translation of Version 4.1 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook.

Upcoming conferences

We will exhibit our products at these conferences in the coming months. If you're planning to attend, please drop by our booth.

Allied Social Science Association Annual Meeting    Washington, D.C.    January 3--5, 2003
Joint Mathematics Meeting    Baltimore, MD    January 15--18, 2003
American Physical Society 2003 Annual March Meeting    Austin, TX    March 3--5, 2003
Joint Statistical Meetings    San Francisco, CA    August 3--6, 2003

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