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Spring 2004

A newsletter for users of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, Scientific Notebook, and MuPAD Pro.

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MuPAD Pro 3.0 released

We are now shipping Version 3.0 of MuPAD Pro, which includes these exciting new features:

Read more about MuPAD Pro 3.0.

Version 5 now available in Japanese

The Japanese version of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook 5 is now available exclusively through Lightstone, our Japanese distributor.

Japanese .tex files can be typeset as DVI files or, with dvipdfmx, as PDF files. They can also be exported as HTML or RTF files. English RTF files can be imported. Explore the other new features available in Version 5.

Along with localized menu commands, dialogs, and tooltips, the products include Japanese versions of the user manuals: Getting Started, Creating Documents, Doing Mathematics, and Typesetting Documents.

Writing in Japanese

If you're working in the English version of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook, you can write and typeset documents in Japanese with the Omega/Lambda typesetting system, an extension of TeX and LaTeX. Omega/Lambda is included with Versions 4.x and 5 of SWP and SW.

Computer algebra system for Macintosh users

MacKichan Software is now shipping MuPAD Pro 2.5 for MacOS 9/X systems. The product is a full-feature computer algebra system in an integrated, open environment for symbolic and numeric computing. Designed primarily for MacOSX, it includes a notebook interface with a graphics tool for visualization, an integrated source-level debugger, and hypertext help.

MuPAD Pro 2.5 for the Macintosh requires at least a G3 processor (G4 or higher recommended); MacOS 9.1 or higher (MacOS X recommended); 32 MB RAM (128 MB recommended); and 70 MB free disk space.

Read more about MuPAD Pro for the Mac.

Tips from our users: Plotting vectors with a single variable

In Versions 4.x and 5 of Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook, you can plot vector fields with a single variable by introducing a dummy variable into the expression.

Upcoming conferences

See our products in action at these upcoming conferences:.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Portland, OR July 12--16, 2004
Joint Statistical Meetings Toronto, Canada August 8--12, 2004
MathFest Providence, RI August 12--14, 2004

New and revised technical support topics

Visit our website to view these new and revised technical support topics:

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