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Announcing Version 6

With the release of Version 6 of Scientific WorkPlace®, Scientific Word®, and Scientific Notebook®, the MacKichan Software products are now available for Windows® and OS X® operating systems. Because Version 6 has entirely new Mozilla-based architecture, many features that were present in earlier versions of the programs have been enhanced. This new architecture makes it easy to save or export your documents in multiple formats, giving you more flexibility in your workplace. The program window has been updated, and document production has been streamlined. MuPad 5® is the computer algebra system embedded in Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook 6.

To our customers and distributors who have waited with great patience and loyalty for the release of Version 6, thank you. It has been a challenge to complete this major upgrade of our products with our small team. The support of our loyal customer base has been invaluable, and we are very grateful.

The products are available for purchase on the MacKichan Store or 30-day trial versions can be downloaded here.

Buying a Version 6 License

When you upgrade or buy a new Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook Version 6 license, your serial number will work to activate the program, regardless of the platform your installation is on. Many customers use both a Windows® and Mac® machine. For how a fixed license can be used see Software Licenses.

Any user who buys a Version 6 serial number will be able to use it to activate any MacKichan Software product, from Version 4.1 to 6.0. Licenses for older versions containing the Maple® computer algebra system are no longer available.

Version 6.0.26 of MacKichan Software products have been released

Change for this release:

The most recent update will be available for download at the Trial Version Download page and the Updates for Version 6 page.

Screencasts of Version 6 of our products available

There are some screencasts available on the use of Scientific WorkPlace which will be useful also for Scientific Word and Scientific Notebook. One is Scientific WorkPlace, version 6: The basics, which we recommend viewing first. It covers some basic techniques and tricks which will make Scientific WorkPlace much more convenient to use. Another screencast is not in its final form, but we have made it available anyway. It is New Features and covers a number of features that are new in Version 6. Again, this applies to all three of our products.

Version 6 changes how master/subdocuments are created. See Using subdocuments in Scientific Word and Scientific WorkPlace for a demonstration and explanation of the new scheme.

Firefox browser recommended for Version 6

The recommended browser for Version 6 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook is Firefox. Firefox replaces the functions of Scientific Viewer.

MacKichan Software Manuals Are Available to Download

Our manuals are available to download in PDF format.

This includes:

Older manuals available:

Warning: Customers report problems after
installing Windows 10 Creator update

Customers are reporting problems using Version 5.5 after installing the Windows 10 Creator update. A customer report includes:

Press reports indicate that Microsoft is recommending delaying the installation of the Windows Creator update. Click here for one such report. An internet search for "Windows 10 Creator update problems" will find many other reports.

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