Patch Updates for Version 3.0

Free patch update files for Version 3.0 are available for Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook if you currently have installed

  • Version 3.0 build 1079 or 1069

The Scientific WorkPlace 30-day trial version of Build 1069 cannot be updated. Updates are also available for styles, shells, fonts, and to address certain language issues. Documentation for Scientific WorkPlace is also available on the SWP 1079B CD in the Manuals subdirectory.

Updates for Scientific WorkPlace & Word Version 3.0

Note: the order in which you update is not important, but you should make all the recommended updates.


Build How to distinguish the build Update to Build 1079 Update the TrueTeX Previewer Patch for Smart Heap

Update the Graphics Filter
Build 1079B
This version is the same as Build 1079 except that the available updates are preinstalled.   A new CD is not necessary.
The build number is clearly stated on the CD in the middle right hand side. SW 1079B started shipping July 99. SWP 1079B started shipping August 99.

No updates needed

Build 1079 Build number is clearly stated on the CD in the middle right hand side. SW shipped between March 98 and July 99. SWP shipped between March 98 and August of 99. Not needed Recommended Recommended Available
SWP 30-day trial version build 1069B This version is only available as a time lock. It will run on Windows 95 or 98 with no patches needed. Build 1069B will be stated on the CD.

No updates needed

Build 1069 No build number on CD. Shipped from November 97 to March 98. Recommended Recommended Recommended Available
SWP 30-day trial version Build 1069 All SWP trial versions shipped before September 99 are build 1069. They have the ITP and Brooks Cole logo. Cannot be updated to build 1079 Recommended Recommended Available


Updates for Scientific Notebook 3.0

Please note that the order in which you update is not important as long as you make all updates.

Build How to distinguish the build Patch for Smart Heap
SN 30-day trial version Build 939B Only available as the 30-day trial version. This is the version that is currently available for download from our website and on the 30-day trial versions that have the MacKichan Software logo on them. The Build number is not stated, but look for the number PSW0012 in the middle right hand side. No updates needed
Build 939 All Scientific Notebooks being sold with the N on the front cover of the box including labpaks and site licenses. Build number in the middle left hand side. Also, all 30-day time locks with the TCI and ITP logos on them. Recommended
Build 844 No Build number stated. Any package with the Pencil on it. Recommended

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Updates for styles, shells, and fonts

  • Update for dcsubs.ini file  
    Solution to: In certain documents created with a Style Editor style, Computer Modern Roman Bold fonts appear in blue in when the document is previewed from the Typeset menu. The fonts may or may not print correctly.
  • Updates for SIAM style  
    Solution to: Theorem objects appear as TeX fields in documents created with the style for SIAM journal articles.
  • Update for mitpress typesetting style
    Solution to: Using the LaTeX object \eqnarray in a document causes a LaTeX error. This object can be introduced into SW/SWP if you use a multiline display.
  • Update for Linda Gilbert book shell document
    Solution to: A shell document for the Linda Gilbert Book style was not provided in version 3.0, however, it was available in version 2.5. All the LaTeX style files are included with version 3.0, so only the shell document is needed.
  • New Computer Modern font schemes
    Solution to: A customer was trying to create a .dvi file that selected only Computer Modern Roman (CMR) fonts. Even though the non-multilingual LaTeX format file was selected, some DC fonts were being pulled into the .dvi file. To avoid this problem, a set of font scheme files were created that use only CMR fonts.

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Updates for language issues

  • Update for packgs.opt file
    Solution to: The Danish language option for the Babel package can be properly selected without generating a LaTeX error after applying this update.
  • Update for unitofnt.efn  
    Solution to: This problem occurs only with a version of Windows that uses multiple bytes to display characters, like Japanese Windows or Chinese Windows. Certain punctuation characters do not display properly in the Scientific Word or Scientific WorkPlace edit window. These happen to include all the characters on the General Punctuation symbol panel.

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