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The LaTeX color package

Version: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

The color package produces boxes or entire pages with colored backgrounds. The package implements LaTeX support for color when the active DVI driver can produce colored text. Many driver options are available through the Options and Packages command on the Typeset menu. For flexibility, we recommend that you leave the options unmodified. The local LaTeX installation sets the driver defaults. If you leave the configuration unchanged, you can compile your document without changes in another LaTeX environment. The package works successfully with PDF files (Version 5.x).

How to use color in a document

  1. Add the color package to your document.
  2. If necessary, change the driver configuration:
    1. Modify the package options to select the driver you want to use.
    2. Use the Expert Settings command on the Typeset menu to modify the format, preview, and print driver settings to reflect the driver.
      For instructions, see the online Help or Creating Documents with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word Version 4.0. The drivers must have been installed separately. They aren't included with SWP or SW.

    ImportantDon't attempt to modify the driver settings if you're not very familiar with TeX and LaTeX.

You can predefine the colors you want to use in the preamble of your document or specify them at the point you need them with commands in encapsulated TeX fields. The commands specify whether you want a box or a page in color. The commands also specify which of four common color models you want to use: rgb (red, green, blue), cmyk (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), gray, or named (names known to the selected driver). The monochrome option turns off all colors and is useful if you want to preview your document using a previewer that cannot produce color. Command arguments specify the exact color. See the package documentation for more information about using the package commands.

The color package is part of the Standard LaTeX Graphics Bundle along with graphicx. For more information, see the PackageSample-color.tex file in the SWSamples directory of your program installation. The package is installed in the TCITeX/TeX/LaTeX/required/graphics directory.

Last revised 07/15/05

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