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The LaTeX graphicx package

Version: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

The graphicx package is one of three packages—with color and graphics—installed in the TCITeX/TeX/LaTeX/required/graphics directory as part of the Standard LaTeX Graphics Bundle. Although identical to the graphics package in function, the graphicx package has a user interface that is easier to use and more powerful.

The graphicx package implements LaTeX support for including graphics files, rotating parts of a page, and scaling parts of a page. The package depends on having a DVI driver that can produce these effects and it has package options for many different output drivers. If you specify a package option for a particular driver then typeset your document, the resulting DVI file can only be previewed or printed with the driver you've specified. Using the package default (that is, not specifying a driver) is more convenient, because you can switch between creating PDF and DVI files without having to modify the driver used by the package.

Note that the TrueTeX Previewer provided with SWP and SW doesn't support rotation; you must use a different DVI previewer and print driver if you want to use the graphicx package to rotate parts of a page in a DVI file. However, PDF viewers support rotation, so you can use the package to rotate parts of a page in typeset PDF files in Version 5.x.

After adding the package to your document, you provide additional information to the package with the \includegraphics commands included in TeX fields in the body of your document. The command has a series of optional arguments that define the type of graphic; its desired size, shape, and angle of rotation; and the size and shape of the box surrounding the graphic. See the package documentation for more complete information. You can also use the graphicx package to correct problems with typesetting PostScript graphics.

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