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Document 512

The LaTeX overcite package

Version: 3.x & 4.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

The overcite package produces and superscripts compressed, sorted lists of numerical citations occurring in the text. The package prints the citation numbers in ascending order, separated by a comma and a space; three or more consecutive numbers appear as a range. Thus, a citation of [7,3,5,9] becomes [3,5,7,9] and a citation of [3, 6, 5, 4] becomes [3-6].

NoteThe overcite package has been superseded by the cite package and is included in Version 5.x of SWP and SW for compatibility purposes. If you are using Version 5.x, we recommend you use the cite package instead.

How to order and compress citations created with SWP or SW citations

  1. Add the overcite package to your document.

  2. Place the insertion point where you want the citation to occur.

  3. Choose citation.wmf or, from the Insert menu, choose Typeset Object and then choose Citation.

  4. In the Key box, enter the key for the reference you want to cite or select the key from the dropdown list.

  5. Select the contents of the Key box and copy the selection to the clipboard.

  6. In the Key box, overwrite the selection with the key for the next reference.

  7. Type a comma and press the spacebar.

  8. Paste the contents of the clipboard to the Key box.

  9. Repeat steps 5–8 until you have entered all the references you need.

  10. Choose OK.

    When you typeset your document, LaTeX orders the list. Whenever the list includes three references in numerical sequence, LaTeX compresses them.

Command variations are available; see the package documentation for more information about using the package. In addition, the options available for overcite provide spacing and sorting refinements for citations.

The overcite package is one of four compatible packages—including cite, drftcite, and chapterbib—installed in the TCITeX/TeX/LaTeX/contrib/supported/cite directory.

Last revised 02/10/06

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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