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Document 634

Documentation for LaTeX files included in SWP and SW

Version: 3.5x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Many TeX and LaTeX files are provided with SWP and SW. They include document class specifications, packages, macros, style files, and other TeX-related programs and files.

Extensive documentation is available for the files. Some of the more technical information requires an understanding of TeX and LaTeX.

AMS documentation

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) publishes three main types of publications: articles, proceedings, and books or monographs. Each has detailed publication format specifications, which are reflected in three AMS document shells. The specifications are supported by AMS-LaTeX and by a series of AMS packages.

AMS-LaTeX is a required component of the standard LaTeX distribution. Several documents, all provided with SWP and SW in the TCITeX/doc/latex/amscls directory, contain information about AMS-LaTeX. Additional information is available about AMS fonts.

BibTeX documentation

The BibTeX program automatically generates a bibliography by extracting cited references from a specified database and placing them in a file with the same name as your document but with a .bbl extension. More information about BibTeX is installed in the TCITeX/doc/bibtex directory.

LaTeX documentation

LaTeX is a set of macros, designed by Leslie Lamport, that enhance TeX with structuring features such as tables of contents and bibliographies. The newest version of LaTeX is LaTeX2e, which differs from the earlier LaTeX 2.09. The LaTeX User Guide is available in the TCITeX/doc/latex/help directory . Other documentation is available in the TCITeX/doc/latex/base directory.

LaTeX packages

LaTeX packages extend the typesetting specifications for your document by enabling some specific LaTeX behavior or by customizing some aspect of document appearance. If a package you want isn't already in use in your document, you can add it.

Packages and their documentation are installed in the TCITeX/TeX subdirectories of your program installation. You can find information about each package from the list of packages installed with SWP and SW.

TrueTeX documentation

Files in the TCITeX/TrueTeX/doc directory provide last-minute information about TrueTeX and give details of the implementation of the times and mathtime packages in TrueTeX.

Document classes and other typesetting specifications

Information about document classes and other typesetting specifications is available in various TCITeX/TeX/LaTeX and TCITeX/TEX/latex209 subdirectories in your program installation.

Added 08/05/05

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