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Document 138

How to use the File Map Protocol to connect to Mathematica under Windows 95

Version: 2.5 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Mathematica's mathlink doesn't work with the local protocol under Windows 95, so you must use a different protocol to connect to Mathematical. We recommend the use of the file map (fmap) protocol. Here are the steps for connecting to Mathematica version 2.2.3 or higher with the fmap protocol under Windows 95:

  1. Install Mathematica. You must have version 2.2.3 or higher.

  2. Check that you have the file fmap32.mll in your Mathematica main directory. You should see other .mll files, such as mltcp26.mll, in this directory as well.

    If you don't have this file, you can download a copy from our ftp site. After your browser accesses the file, use Save As to save the file to the Mathematica main directory.

  3. In your Windows 95 main directory (typically c:\windows), you should find files: mathlink.ini and mathpref.ini. If you do not have these files, please contact our technical support staff.

  4. Open mathlink.ini with an ASCII editor (WordPad, for example) and make sure that all of the path information reads correctly.

  5. Make sure that the following information exists in the mathlink.ini file:


    Protocolx=(Mathematica path)\fmap`

    where x in both commands is a number one greater than the highest protocol number listed elsewhere in the file. Usually, x should be set to 2.

    The backprime (`) at the end of the Protocol2 line is important.

  6. Replace (Mathematica path) with the actual path to Mathematica. A typical replacement for (Mathematica path) is c:\win32app\wnmath22

  7. Start Scientific WorkPlace.

  8. From the Tools menu choose User Setup and then choose Compute.

  9. In the Protocol box, enter the word filemap.

  10. Make sure that the path listed in the Name box is the correct path to your math.exe file (the Mathematica kernel).

  11. Make sure the Active Engine is Mathematica.

  12. Choose OK.

Revised 04/17/96

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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