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How to ensure that characters appear correctly after installation of SWP/SW

Version: 3.x & 4.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

If fonts don't appear properly in your installation, you may need to remove and then reinstall the fonts:

To Remove Fonts

  1. If you've used SWP/SW since you last rebooted, reboot your system again.

  2. From the Windows Task Bar, choose Start.

  3. Select the Settings option.

  4. Select the Control Panel.

  5. Select the Fonts icon.

  6. Select the fonts listed at the end of these instructions.

  7. From the File menu, choose Delete.

  8. When the system asks if you want to delete the fonts, choose Yes.

To Reinstall TCI Fonts

  1. Start Windows.

  2. Insert your SWP/SW CD into your CD-ROM drive.

  3. If the installation program doesn't start automatically:

    1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Run.

    2. Type drive:setup where drive is the letter of the CD-ROM drive.

    3. Choose OK.

    4. Choose Install.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen and choose a Custom installation.

  5. In the list of program elements, select SWP/SW Program Files and deselect all other files

  6. Choose Change.

  7. Check TrueType Fonts and uncheck all other selections except Program Files.

  8. Choose Continue.

  9. Choose Next and complete the installation..

  10. Restart your computer.

To Reinstall TeX Fonts

  1. From the Windows95 or Windows NT4.0 Start menu, choose Settings.

  2. Choose Control Panel.

  3. Choose Fonts.

  4. From the File menu, choose Install New Fonts to display a new window.

  5. In the bottom of the window, uncheck Copy Fonts to Font Folder.

  6. Choose the subdirectory called TCITeX/fonts/truetype in your program directory. The system displays a list of fonts.

  7. Choose the Select All button on the right side of the display.

  8. Choose OK.

  9. When the installation is complete, choose Close.

To Reinstall Windows95 Multilanguage Fonts

  1. Start Windows 95.

  2. Insert your Windows 95 CD into your CD-ROM drive.

  3. If the installation program starts automatically, exit it.

  4. From the Windows Start menu, choose Settings, then choose Control Panel, and then choose Add/Remove Programs.

  5. Choose the Windows Setup tab.

  6. Scroll down the Components list to the Multilanguage Support item.

    1. If the item is unchecked, check it, choose OK, and then restart your computer after Multilanguage Support has been installed.


    2. If the item is checked, uncheck it, choose OK, and then restart your computer and repeat steps 1–7a.

Note If you installed Windows 95 using floppies or if your CD doesn't have the Multilanguage Support files, see the article CD-ROM Extras for Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade and download the file Lang.exe. You can read more about Multilanguage Support at

TeX Font List

Version 3x and 4.x Fonts
blex.ttf blsy.ttf cmb10.ttf cmbsy10.ttf
cmbx10.ttf cmbx12.ttf cmbx5.ttf cmbx6.ttf
cmbx7.ttf cmbx8.ttf cmbx9.ttf cmbxsl10.ttf
cmbxti10.ttf cmcsc10.ttf cmcsc8.ttf cmcsc9.ttf
cmdunh10.ttf cmex10.ttf cmff10.ttf cmfi10.ttf
cmfib8.ttf cminch.ttf cmitt10.ttf cmmi10.ttf
cmmi12.ttf cmmi5.ttf cmmi6.ttf cmmi7.ttf
cmmi8.ttf cmmi9.ttf cmmib10.ttf cmr10.ttf
cmr12.ttf cmr17.ttf cmr5.ttf cmr6.ttf
cmr7.ttf cmr8.ttf cmr9.ttf cmsl10.ttf
cmsl12.ttf cmsl8.ttf cmsl9.ttf cmsltt10.ttf
cmss10.ttf cmss12.ttf cmss17.ttf cmss8.ttf
cmss9.ttf cmssbx10.ttf cmssdc10.ttf cmssi10.ttf
cmssi12.ttf cmssi17.ttf cmssi8.ttf cmssi9.ttf
cmssq8.ttf cmssqi8.ttf cmsy10.ttf cmsy5.ttf
cmsy6.ttf cmsy7.ttf cmsy8.ttf cmsy9.ttf
cmtcsc10.ttf cmtex10.ttf cmtex8.ttf cmtex9.ttf
cmti10.ttf cmti12.ttf cmti7.ttf cmti8.ttf
cmti9.ttf cmtt10.ttf cmtt12.ttf cmtt8.ttf
cmtt9.ttf cmu10.ttf cmvtt10.ttf dcb10.ttf
dcbx10.ttf dcbxsl10.ttf dcbxti10.ttf dccsc10.ttf
dcitt10.ttf dcr10.ttf dcsl10.ttf dcsltt10.ttf
dcss10.ttf dcssbx10.ttf dcssi10.ttf dctcsc10.ttf
dcti10.ttf dctt10.ttf dcu10.ttf euex10.ttf
eufb10.ttf eufb5.ttf eufb7.ttf eufm10.ttf
eufm5.ttf eufm7.ttf eurb10.ttf eurb5.ttf
eurb7.ttf eurm10.ttf eurm5.ttf eurm7.ttf
eusb10.ttf eusb5.ttf eusb7.ttf eusm10.ttf
eusm5.ttf eusm7.ttf lasy10.ttf lasy5.ttf
lasy6.ttf lasy7.ttf lasy8.ttf lasy9.ttf
lasyb10.ttf lcircle1.ttf lcirclew.ttfl line10.ttf
linew10.ttf logo10.ttf logo8.ttf logo9.ttf
logobf10.ttf logosl10.ttf msam10.ttf msbm10.ttf
Version 3.5x and 4.x Fonts
lcmss8.ttf umb10.ttf umbxti10.ttf umsltt10.ttf
lcmssb8.ttf umbx10.ttf umitt10.ttf umti10.ttf
lcmssi8.ttf umbxsl10.ttf umr10.ttf umtt10.ttf

TCI Font List tci1

Version 3.x and 4.x Fonts
tci1 tci1 Bold tci1 Bold Italic tci1 Italic
tci2 tci2 Bold tci2 Bold Italic tci2 Italic
tci3 tci3 Bold tci3 Bold Italic tci3 Italic
tci4 tci4 Bold tci4 Bold Italic tci4 Italic
Version 3.x Fonts
tciuni tciuni Bold tciuni Bold Italic tciuni Italic

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Last revised 06/29/06

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