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Differences in Version 3.0 installation options

Version: 3.0 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Several SWP/SW 3.0 installation options are available. You can install Version 3.0 to run from the program CD or from the master installation on your network, or you can perform a Typical, Complete, or Custom installation to place SWP/SW on your hard drive. The options differ and they take up different amounts of space on your hard drive.

If you want to work from your program CD or from the master installation on your network, you can select either a Minimal or a Medium installation:

  • A Minimal Installation uses a minimal amount of space on your hard drive, as little as 5MB, depending on the type of drive you have. The installation leaves all programs on the CD or the network and creates only a minimal number of directories and files on your hard drive. The remainder of the system remains on the CD or network installation. However, the program runs more slowly than with other types of installation.

  • A Medium Installation copies programs and their support files to your local hard drive, thus uses more space on the drive than a minimal installation. The installation creates directories and files on your hard drive for many program components, but leaves the Help and Reference materials on the CD or master installation.

If you want to work from your hard drive, you have these installation choices:

  • A Typical Installation installs the programs, their support files, and the Help files. The Reference materials, Exam Builder, and Style Editor are not installed.

  • A Complete Installation installs all possible program options: the programs and their support files, the Help and Reference files, the Style Editor, the Exam Builder, and files for many other auxiliary programs that come with SWP/SW 3.0. A complete installation can use as much as 180MB on your hard drive, depending on the type of drive you have.

  • A Custom Installation installs only those options you select. Your choices are as follows:

    • SWP/SW

    • Help files

    • Tour documents

    • Presentation documents

    • Reference documents

    • Document Manager

    • RTF Filter files

    • Exam Builder

    • TeX/LaTeX

    • BibTeX

    • BibDB

    • MakeIndx

    • Style Editor

    • T3 conversion utilities

We can't say exactly how much space each type of installation might require on your system, because it's entirely dependent upon the type of hard drive you have. The installation program computes how much space will be required on your system and whether adequate space is available, and displays a message to that effect during the installation.

When you install the software with anything but a Minimal installation, the SWP/SW 30 directory and its subdirectories are created on your hard drive, along with a Start Menu entry for the program. Microsoft's internet support installation package adds the following directories during installation:

  • \WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files

  • four subdirectories of this: Cache1, Cache2, Cache3, Cache4

  • \WINDOWS\Cookies

  • \WINDOWS\History

Another option that's available during the SWP/SW installation is whether to use Multilingual LaTeX or Standard LaTeX:

  • The Multilingual LaTeX option, which is similar to the LaTeX supplied with SWP 2.5, installs an enhanced version of LaTeX that includes extra hyphenation patterns, the Babel package, and the DC fonts. The supplied format supports US and UK English, and also German, French, and Dutch. To use the installation with other languages, build your own format file.

  • The Standard LaTeX option installs a very standard version of LaTeX. It is limited to U.S. English and isn't able to print certain foreign language characters. The option runs more quickly and uses fewer fonts that the Multilingual LaTeX option.

Revised 05/03/02

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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