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Document 291

Update for build 1079

Version: 3.0 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

Problems solved by this update

This update solves problems in build 1069 of SWP and SW 3.0. One problem is related to equation alignment and four problems are related to the Portable LaTeX filter. Some of these problems have been addressed elsewhere on this site and on our Technical Support Forum.

  1. All multi-line equations are right-justified. In specific circumstances, Version 3.0 right-justifies all the multiline equations in large documents if those equations occur inside another environment such as a list or theorem statement. The problem occurs only following a spelling check or a find and replace operation and then only if you don't scroll through the entire document following the operation so that each equation is displayed on the screen.

  2. Abstracts containing multiple paragraphs aren't handled correctly when you save the document as a portable LaTeX file. Specifically, when an abstract has two paragraphs, the filter deletes the first paragraph and converts the second into two separate abstracts.

  3. The portable LaTeX filter inserts an extraneous space following the character Math: phi

  4. Printing problem with subdocuments saved as Portable Latex files. The portable LaTeX filter inserts an erroneous % character when subdocuments are saved with the filter.

  5. The Portable LaTeX output filter changes the length of the hanging indent in the bibliography to the width of the two numerals 99. Therefore, documents containing a LaTeX sequence such as \begin{thebibliography}{BraJo97b} (which allows the amount of space of the longest label) are changed to the LaTeX sequence \begin{thebibliography}{99}.


Follow these instructions to download the update for build 1079:

  1. Make certain you have build 1069 installed: from the Help menu, choose About, and check the Build Number in the dialog box.

  2. If you have SWP, download the SWP1079.EXE update file.

    If you have SW, download the SW1079.EXE update file.

  3. Save the file in your SWP or SW program directory (usually c:\swp30 or c:\sw30).

  4. Start the patch update program. The program will ask you for the Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Word 3.0 directory name.

  5. Choose OK.

  6. Follow the screen prompts as they appear.

  7. After the patch has been installed, back up the update file that you downloaded in case you need to reinstall it later. After you've backed up the file, you can remove it from your hard disk.

Note Installing this update rewrites the registry. Any autosubstitution strings you have created will be lost, as will any other customizations you have made, such as toolbar placement. If you want to maintain the customization settings, you can save the registry and reload it after the update. However, we don't encourage it. Follow the instructions below before you run the new build for the first time.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Run.

  2. Enter regedit and choose OK.

  3. In the Registry Editor, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TCI Software Research\(drive)//SWP30/SWP-PRO.ini.

  4. From the Registry menu, choose Export.

  5. Enter a name for the file and choose OK.

  6. Install the update for Build 1079.

  7. After the update has been installed, open the Explorer and double-click the name of the exported registry file. Your custom settings will be restored.

  8. Manually change the Build number in the registry:

    1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Run.

    2. Enter regedit and choose OK.

  9. In the Registry Editor, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TCI Software Research\(drive)//SWP30/SWP-PRO.ini/installation .

  10. Double-click LastBuildValidated, or select LastBuildValidated and, from the Edit menu, choose Modify.

  11. Change the build number from Version 3.00 Build 1066 to Version 3.00 Build 1079.

  12. Choose OK.

Revised 06/12/02

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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